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RomanceFromTheHeart.com LogoRomanceStuck.com, which recently relaunched as RomanceFromTheHeart.com, began in early 2000 as a small site filled with creative and romantic ideas to help the romantically-challenged add more romance to their relationships. Amy Cunningham, editor, began the site as a small collection of love quotes, love poetry, and romantic ideas as her husband, Ben, worked in the flourishing online dating market. The site quickly grew into a popular online resource for romantic ideas and relationship advice! The main goal: to help you find love and stay in love!

Throughout the site, you have access to thousands of free romantic ideas, weekly love horoscopes, advice columns from our esteemed partners, relationship advice, and support in our community. Additionally, we welcome submissions of your romantic ideas and articles or invite you to share your love story with us!

About the Author: Amy Cunningham

Amy CunninghamAmy Cunningham, romance author & editor, started the site in early 2000 after her then boyfriend proposed over a breakfast of burnt toast and cereal. While the proposal was endearing just the same, she knew that there were others out there that could use a little help. She began the site as a free resource to help the romantically-challenged add more romance to their relationships. What began as a small collection of romantic ideas eventually grew into a relationship portal, offering romantic ideas, relationship advice, and much more for more than 16 years.

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Love the proposals! Great ideas. Thanks!
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This site is really good! Thank you!
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