Anniversary Trivia and Unusual Anniversary Facts

A collection of anniversary trivia and unusual anniversary facts from around the web.

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100th Anniversary
The 100th anniversary, though there is no record of anyone ever celebrating this, is listed on the modern list as a 10-carat Diamond.

12 1/2 Year Anniversary
Did you know that in Denmark, it's traditional to celebrate your 12 and a half year anniversary? This half year anniversary celebration is said to be celebrated as a copper wedding. It's also tradition for your family and friends to build half of an arch made from spruce and decorated with flowers and lights as as a gift. The arch is meant to be placed at the front door of your home and you receive the 2nd half of the arch on your 25th wedding anniversary.

Diamond Anniversary
The Diamond was originally a gift for the 75th anniversary, a very rare occasion called for a rare gift. However, in 1897, Queen Victoria' celebration of a Diamond Jubilee for the length of her reign popularized the use of diamond for the 60th anniversary.

Longest Married Couple
The longest married couple is believed to be a Taiwanese couple who celebrated their 86th anniversary in 2003. Liu Yung-yang and his wife, Yang Wan, are listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the world's longest marriage.

Marriage Lengths
According to surveys by the Nation Center for Health Statistic, approximately twho-thirds of marriages last at least 10 years. Unfortunately, researchers discovered that only 50% of marriages make it 20 years.

Marriage, Age, and Education
Researchers at the National Center for Health Statistics found that you're much more likley to remain marriage if you have a higher education and wait until you're older to marry. According to surveys, 78% of women with college degress remained married at least 10 years compared to just 54% of women with only high school diplomas. Additionally, 76% of women who waited until age 26 to marry remained married at least 10 years compared to only 54% of women who married before age 20.

Second Longest Married Couple
Previously, an American couple, William and Claudia Lillian Ritchie of Lexington, Kentucky, held the record after being married for 83 years.

Wedding Cadles
If you had candles at your wedding ceremony, it's said to bring good luck to melt them down into one new candle to burn each year on your anniversary.