11th Anniversary Ideas

Amy Cunningham

After 11 years, you're still head over heels and it's time to celebrate. The traditional 11th anniversary gift is steel. Did he "steel" your heart? Though steel may seem like a tough gift, there are actually quite a few creative and romantic steel gift ideas. If you want to take an easier route, the modern 11th anniversary gift idea is jewelry. Either way, read on for some creative and romantic 11th anniversary gifts.

Traditional Gift: Steel

  • Send her a bouquet of beautiful steel roses.
  • A steel watch works well for this anniversary. You can find them at Fossil for both men and women.
  • Give him a stainless steel engraved flask.
  • Give the movie buff a Steel Magnolias DVD.
  • Give the music buff a Steel Pulse CD.
  • Give your gourmet a set of stainless steel cookware.
  • Spend the day at an amusement park riding steel roller-coasters.
  • Engraved steel ring
  • For the chef in your house, a fancy new steel knife or cookware set.
  • Looking for something really special? If you want to spend a pretty penny, give him/her a new car!

Modern Gift: Jewelry

  • Give her an anniversary ring: one stone for the past, the present, and the future.
  • Get his/her wedding ring engraved with a special message (if it's not already engraved).
  • Create a custom watch at fossil.com.
  • Give him a set of cufflinks.
  • Give her a locket with one of your favorite wedding photos inside.

Romantic Ideas

  • Give her 11 roses (or whatever flower you used in your wedding) to celebrate 11 years.
  • Relive the past, watch your wedding video again, look at your wedding album together, and reflect on the last year.
  • Match the number of gifts to your anniversary: Give him/her 11 small gifts for the eleventh anniversary.
  • Create an anniversary time capsule!

Homemade Gift Ideas

  • Buy stainless steel products and embellish them with paints, beads, etc.

Flower: Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Gemstone: Turquoise