1st Anniversary Ideas

Amy Cunningham

Congratulations on your first anniversary! Celebrating your first anniversary is amazing - from reminiscing about your wedding day memories to sharing bites of your wedding cake. When it comes to planning the perfect celebration or gift though, it often feels like nothing but stress.

If you're anything like me, you're on a quest for a unique, yet incredibly romantic first anniversary gift.

As cliché as it may sound, the most important thing to remember is that it's the thought that counts. No matter what gift you choose, put some time and thought into how you can give it that personal touch that makes it unique to your own relationship. From the pictures you choose or the words that you write, you can turn the most un-romantic gift into the most romantic one.

One good example would be to get tickets to an event or concert, but not just any event -- get tickets to a concert of the band (or local band doing a cover) that performs the song you danced to at your wedding. Or learn to cook the meal that was served at your wedding and surprise her with a romantic dinner at home served by you. Or make something by hand like a scrapbook with your favorite photos of the year, funny quotes, loving words, and hopes and dreams for the coming years together.

Traditional Gift: Paper

Paper Gifts

  • First Anniversary Toilet Paper 1st Anniversary Toilet Paper - Not a very romantic item, but imagine their face when they discover it in the bathroom.
  • Activity Journal - Share this throughout your next year together (ex. a travel journal, a restaurant journal, a journal for a new activity that you take up together).
  • Bible - Engrave it with their name on the cover.
  • Comic Book - For the geek at heart, try giving your partner a much desired comic book. if you want to get really creative, create a comic book starring the two of you!
  • Customized Puzzle - Create a customized puzzle made out of your favorite wedding photos or photos from your first year. You can even create a custom Rubik's Cube with your own photos on each side!
  • Custom Drawn Caricature - Turn your favorite photo of the two of you into a unique and funny drawing.
  • First Edition Book - Choose a book that your partner loves (an autographed version is even better)!
  • Gift Certificate - Not as romantic or creative as other gifts, but one that's always appreciated. Buy one to their favorite store or a special store that they don't go to very often because it's normally considered too expensive.
  • Glamour Shots - Get glamorous this anniversary with the gift of a Glamour Shots photo session. Photos are printed on paper!
  • Hand Drawn/Painted Sketch - Turn your favorite wedding photo into a hand drawn sketch, watercolor, or oil painting.
  • Handwritten Love Poem - Express your feelings for your partner in a beautiful poem.
  • Intimate Board Game - Spice up your night by playing an erotic game. Board games are made of cardboard, which is made of paper. ;)
  • Kindle "Paper"white - Perfect for the avid reader in your life.
  • Love Letter - Get some nice stationary and write a letter to your loved one. Visit How to Write a Love Letter for help.
  • Map For An Upcoming Trip - Surprise your partner with a map highlighted with your upcoming trip route.
  • Map With Notes - Fill a map with notes about where you hope you'll travel together through the years ahead.
  • Message In A Bottle - Select a prewritten message or better yet, write your own message for the bottle.
  • Newspaper Ad - Slip the morning newspaper on the table open to a heart drawn around the classified ad or other ad that you placed with your special anniversary message.
  • Newspaper From The Day You Were Married
  • Painting
  • Paper Roses Bouquet - Send it with a romantic card saying how much your first year of marriage has meant to you!
  • Personalized Romance Novel - Choose a story from "mild" to "wild", and you and your partner will be starring in your own exotic, steamy, and especially romantic love story. You can even put your photo on the cover!
  • Photo Calendar - Use photos for your first year of marriage for each month in the calendar.
  • Recreate Photos - Recreate your favorite wedding picture on your first anniversary!
  • Reservations - Make reservations at a local hotel for your anniversary night or a weekend getaway and enclose the printed reservation confirmation in a romantic card.
  • Second Honeymoon - Get 2 plane tickets (made of paper) and include a poster or flyer of the place (also paper) that you're going.
  • Spa Certificate - Pamper and relax your partner from their daily stresses with a day at the spa.
  • Stationary & Stamps - A set of beautiful stationary and romantic stamps.
  • Wedding Print - Get a blown up copy of your favorite wedding photo (made on photo paper!) and get it professionally framed to display in your home.
  • Wrapping Paper - If you don't want to give a "paper" gift, simply wrap your gift in romantic wrapping paper!

Paper Gifts: Framed

  • $1 Bill From your Wedding Year - Find a $1 bill from your wedding year and frame it with Est. and the year written under it.
  • 12 Photos - Get a frame that holds 12 photos (one for each month of your first year of marriage)!
  • Photos - Get a frame that holds two photos: your wedding photo and first anniversary photo.
  • Sheet Music From Your First Dance - Recreate your first dance or if you play an instrument, play the song at the same time.
  • Wedding Reading - Frame an artsy version of one of the readings from your wedding ceremony.
  • Wedding Vows - A framed version of your wedding vows will serve as a friendly reminder of the vows you made when you got married.

Paper Gifts: Homemade (DIY)

  • Anniversary Scrapbook - Fill the scrapbook with romantic quotes and your thoughts, feelings, and pictures from your first year of marriage.
  • Origami Flowers Bouquet - Write the reasons you love your partner on each flower.
  • Paper Flowers
  • Reasons "I Love You" Deck Of Cards - Take a deck of cards that features where you got married, hand your honeymoon, or a romantic place that you visited together and write a different reason why you love your spouse on each card.
  • Shadowbox - Create a shadowbox and fill it with mementos from your first year: ticket stubs, letters, receipts, post-it notes, photos, programs, date night mementos, etc.
  • Wedding Photos Album - If you never had an album put together, now's the perfect time to do it. Or for a different twist, put together an album full of wedding photos that friends and family took of your big day.
  • Wedding Scrapbook - Select the best pictures from your wedding day and include things from your wedding day using these free "Day in History" sites: infoplease or history.com.

Paper Gifts: Last Minute

  • Boudoir Photo Sessions - Create a scrapbook full of sexy photos of yourself taken especially for your partner.
  • Broadway Tickets - Get tickets to a Broadway play, sports game, or some other event that the two of you would enjoy together.
  • Check Made Out For One Million Kisses
  • License/Membership/Pass - Find something they love and gift your partner with a pass. For example, a fishing license, season pass to an amusement park, season tickets to a sports team, or a gym membership.
  • Subscription - Order a year of their favorite magazine or newspaper.

Paper: Trip Ideas

  • Second Honeymoon - Get 2 plane tickets (made of paper) and include a poster or flyer of the place (also paper) that you're going.

Modern Gift: Clock

Clock Gifts

  • Countdown Clock - Set a countdown to your real gift, such as a second honeymoon, a weekend getaway, or a romantic night on the town.
  • Crystal Anniversary Clock - Engrave the clock with your wedding date.
  • Engraved Watch - Engrave a watch or timepiece with the message, "I will always have time for you."
  • Pendant Watch/Pocket Watch - Tell time with a touch of class. Buy a pendant or pocket watch. If you want something personalized, get a silver brushed pocket watch engraved with a special love message.
  • Watch - Buy a watch of their favorite sports team or a tech watch that does more than just tell time. Choose a dressy watch to wear on your special night out. You could even design your own custom watch for your partner. Many jewelers allow customization services where you can design the perfect watch for your partner.

Clock: Trip Ideas

  • Big Ben - Visit this historical clock at Westminster, London SW1A 0AA, United Kingdom.

1st Anniversary Gifts

Homemade (DIY)

  • Calendar - Create a calendar that has a mixture of photos from your wedding and your first year of marriage. Fill it photos and memorabilia of all the milestones from your wedding day through your first year of marriage.
  • Framed Love Poem - Frame a love poem that you wrote (if you're having a tough time writing one on your own, get a custom love poem written for you)!
  • Journal - Fill it with your thoughts, emotions, and feelings as you experience the trials and tribulations of your first year of marriage. Give your partner this journal on your first anniversary.
  • Love Coupons - Give her a book of love coupons: either a custom-made printable book of love coupons or purchase a pre-made book of coupons.

1st Anniversary Romantic Ideas

  • 1 Night Away - Spend a night at a luxurious hotel recreating that wedding night magic.
  • 1 Red Rose - Give your partner 1 red rose (or whatever flower you used in your wedding) to celebrate 1 year of marriage.
  • Do 1 Thing Together - If there's something you've always wanted to do, but haven't done it yet, now's the time to do it! Visit someplace new, do something adventurous, or try something new.
  • Eat Your Wedding Cake - Share the top of your saved wedding cake. Make it a bit more special by going back to your reception site for dinner and then enjoying your cake for dessert.
  • Memory Box - Set up a memory box for the future and include memories from your first year of marriage. Each year on future anniversaries, include a few items from that year and relive the past memories.
  • Recreate Your Wedding Cake - Have a smaller version of it made to for the two of you to enjoy together!
  • Time Capsule - Pack it full of mementos that you'll want to look back at down the road!
  • Watch Your Wedding Video - Afterwards, look through your wedding album and reflect on your last year together.

1st Anniversary Trip Ideas

  • First Trip - Visit anywhere that you're both visiting for the FIRST time!
  • Second Honeymoon - Revisit your honeymoon location and experience it again! If you had a destination wedding, head back to that spot!

Flower: Pansy


Gemstone: Gold Jewelry

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