14th Anniversary Ideas

Amy Cunningham

The traditional 14th anniversary gift of ivory comes from an endangered species, so we recommend that any ivory gifts are actually made from alternative sources or are simply an ivory color. Besides, it's not the actual traditional gift item that matters, but how you interpret it for yourselves. Looking for an alternative to ivory? Try the 14th anniversary gift idea of gold, one of the easiest gift ideas around.

Traditional Gift: Ivory

  • Send her a bouquet of beautiful ivory roses.
  • Give her Ivory jewelry.
  • Get an Ivory statues or figurine for your house.
  • Go on a safari and see elephants in their natural habitat.
  • If a safari isn't possible, spend the afternoon at the zoo.
  • Adopt an elephant in your partner's name.
  • Find a romantic gift that has an ivory shade to it.
  • Give her a bar of ivory soap with a gorgeous bracelet wrapped around it.
  • Surprise her with a piano (ivory keys).
  • Or just have a date night out to a piano bar.
  • Take a trip to the Ivory Coast.

Modern Gift: Gold Jewelry

  • Gold necklace, bracelet, watch, etc.
  • Give her a 14k gold heart shaped pendant with your favorite photo or a wedding photo of the two of you engraved (yes, engraved!) into the front and a romantic message or your anniversary date engraved in the back. It's unique and will last forever.
  • Send her a bouquet of beautiful gold paper roses.
  • Send her beautiful handmade gold jewelry from Etsy. They have some uniquely stunning pieces perfect for an anniversary gift.

Romantic Ideas

  • Give her 14 roses (or whatever flower you used in your wedding) to celebrate 14 years.
  • Relive the past, watch your wedding video again, look at your wedding album together, and reflect on the last year.
  • Match the number of gifts to your anniversary: Give him/her 14 small gifts for the fourteenth anniversary.
  • Create an anniversary time capsule!

Homemade Gift Ideas

  • Make your own ivory soaps. Any craft store sells products to make homemade soaps including scents for the soaps.

Flower: Dahlia


Gemstone: Opal