2nd Anniversary Ideas

Amy Cunningham

Congratulations on your second anniversary! You've made it through two of years of marriage at this point and you're nice and comfortable in your relationship, much like the cozy and comfortable traditional gift of cotton! Going with a cozy gift, doesn't mean slacking in the romance department though, but rather finding something that represents your partner and your relationship. If you're not into cozy this year, and would rather go with something more elegant, try the 2nd anniversary modern gift of china, which is sturdy and strong. Not into either list suggestions? The great thing about anniversary lists is that they're only guidelines and we've got ideas below for you as well!

Traditional Gift: Cotton

Cotton is cozy and comfortable, much like the second year of your marriage.

Cotton Gifts

  • Cotton Candy - Feed it to each other for some sticky fun. ;)
  • Cotton Jewelry - While not found in traditional jewelry stores, you can find beautiful handmade jewelry pieces made from cotton, including earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.
  • Cotton Roses Bouquet
  • Cotton Wrapping - If you don't want to give a cotton gift, pick another gift and wrap it in something cotton, such as a shirt, blanket, or robe.
  • Dress/Suit - Wrap up a sexy new dress or suit for them to wear on a special dinner date that night.
  • Flirty Apron - Cook a nice candlelight anniversary dinner and then serve it wearing this apron... and nothing else. ;)
  • High Thread Count Sheets - Buy the highest thread count sheets that you can find and spend the day in bed together testing them out!
  • Robe With Spa eGift Card - Give them a terry cloth cotton robe containing a SpaFinder, which works at thousands of spas, eGift card in the pocket.
  • Underwear/Boxers - Buy some sexy cotton underwear/boxers and then have your spouse try them on so that you can make sure they fit right.
  • Create a shirt with a photo of the two of you on it or a gorgeous throw blanket. Most of the online photo retailers offer these as gifts.
  • Have a shirt that she loved on you? Turn it into a cuddly teddy bear! Check out Ms. Jermyn's cuddly bears.
  • Give your guy a break with a pair of men's therapeutic terry slippers and a weekend morning to sleep in without the alarm clock buzzing.
  • Buy bags of cotton balls and get creative! There are so many things you can do with these.
  • Buy a live cotton plant to plant together in your yard or a package of seeds to grow your plant from the beginning.
  • Create a gorgeous bouquet made completely from raw cotton -- the stems with cotton balls are completely unique. Mix in a few roses for extra beauty.
  • Pack a cotton bag with oversized beach towels, comfy cotton beach clothes, and a card mentioning a weekend beach getaway.
  • Buy a set of comfy cotton sheets and pajamas and spend the day together in bed!
  • A canvas backpack and the promise of an adventure together.
  • Comfy pajamas or lingerie, along with a day in bed to enjoy them!
  • Create a stuffed bear at Build a Bear if she's a kid at heart.

Cotton Gifts: Homemade (DIY)

  • Crocheted Items - You can make hats, sweaters, handbags and more.
  • Embellished Egyptian Cotton Towels - Embellish a set of Egyptian cotton towels with your names and wedding date.
  • Quilt - Make it with different garments that have meant something over your last couple years of marriage: what you wore when you proposed, what you wore on your first anniversary, what you wore when you first kissed, their favorite shirt, etc.

Modern Gift: China

China is strong and sturdy, much like the marriage you've built together over these last two years.

  • Chinese Restaurant - Celebrate your anniversary with a romantic dinner at a Chinese restaurant.
  • Custom China Plate - Create a custom china plate to display in your house with your names and wedding date.
  • Vintage Bone China Tea Cup & Saucer - Add a selection of gourmet teas.
  • Wedding China Place Setting - Buy a place setting of your wedding china to add to your collection.
  • Send her a gorgeous porcelain rose. Some china is made from porcelain, so this would work well for this anniversary as well.
  • Have a gorgeous pendant created from china chips. If you have a broken piece from your wedding set, that would make the necklace even more romantic.
  • Get her a handmade bracelet (or other piece of jewelry) that incorporates pieces of china. We love these!
  • Get two place settings of special china to use for a special anniversary dinner and then use for every anniversary from here on.
  • Take a trip to China for the two of you. If you have the time and can splurge, make it a two week trip for two years of marriage.
  • Give her a Chinese bonsai plant.

2nd Anniversary Gifts

  • 2 Gifts - Give them 2 small gifts for your second anniversary... or to be funny, give them 2 boxes with 1 earring in each box.

2nd Anniversary Romantic Ideas

  • 2 Facebook/Email Messages - Send them 2 romantic Facebook/email messages: One saying how much you love them and the other saying how much you want them that night.
  • 2 Red Roses - Give them 2 red roses (or whatever flower you used in your wedding) to celebrate 2 years of marriage.
  • Eat Out Twice - Celebrate for 2 nights instead of just 1 by going out to dinner 2 nights in a row.
  • Drinks & Dessert - Instead the usual going out to dinner, go out for two things: drinks and dessert.
  • Time Capsule - Pack it full of mementos that you'll want to look back at down the road!
  • Watch Your Wedding Video - Afterwards, look through your wedding album and reflect on your last 2 years together.

2nd Anniversary Trip Ideas

  • Second Honeymoon - Revisit your honeymoon location and experience it again! If you had a destination wedding, head back to that spot!
  • Weekend Getaway - Spend 2 romantic days to celebrate your last 2 years of marriage.

Flower: Cosmos


Gemstone: Garnet