60th Anniversary Ideas

Amy Cunningham

Diamonds last forever so they are the perfect representation of your love that has withstood the test of time. Read on for creative and romantic diamond anniversary gifts.

Traditional Gift: Diamond

  • A watch encrusted with diamonds
  • Give him diamond cufflinks.
  • Give her the diamond ring that you wished you could have given her when you first got engaged and married.
  • Any other diamond jewelry for him or her would work well for this anniversary.
  • Take the trip of a lifetime on Princess Cruise's Diamond Princess ship! These amazing, once-in-a-lifetime trips take you to Alaska and the Far East for anywhere from 10 to 32 days.
  • Get a bottle of Red Diamond wine and enjoy it over an intimate dinner together.
  • Take a trip to see one of the most stunning diamonds of all time, the Hope Diamond, which is housed in the Smithsonian. This amazing blue diamond was formed deep within the Earth approximately 1.1 billion years ago. If a trip isn't possible, gift her with a replica of the Hope Diamond, also inspired by its appearance in the movie Titanic.
  • Instead of your typical anniversary dinner, try something new and enjoy a romantic dinner out together at a five-diamond rated restaurant or one of AAA's Five Diamond rated restaurants.
  • Spend the evening under the stars together watching the diamonds in the night sky.
  • Be sure to request an anniversary greeting from the White House. They send these out by request for 50th and 60th anniversaries.

Modern Gift: Diamond

  • Any of the "Traditional" Diamond gifts would work well for the modern gift selection as well.

Romantic Ideas

  • Give her 60 roses (or whatever flower you used in your wedding) to celebrate 60 years.
  • Relive the past amazing 60 years that you've spent together. You've achieved something that very few have done. Watch your wedding video (if you have one) or look at your wedding album together, reminiscing and reflecting on your last 60 years together.
  • Celebrate this amazing accomplishment with those special people that have shared in your lives with you by hosting a 60th anniversary party.
  • Renew your wedding vows in front of those that matter the most such as your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.
  • Relive those early years together. Visit the place where you were married or perhaps the first home you shared as a married couple. Let the memories of those days rejuvenate your love as you share this special day together.
  • Create an anniversary time capsule!

Homemade Gift Ideas

  • Use "faux" diamonds in any craft project.

Ways You Can Celebrate with the Couple

  • Create a slideshow with 60 photos showcasing their 60 amazing years together with a photo for each year set to their "song" or wedding music.
  • Create a congratulatory video including messages from all family and friends, home videos through the years, photos of significant events, etc. Let the video showcase your deep love that started as a budding romance and built into an incredible life over six decades all with the power of love.

Flower: None

Gemstone: Diamond Jubilee

Diamond Jubilee