30th Anniversary Ideas

Amy Cunningham

Your 30th anniversary is a gem of a celebration day with both gemstones being the gift item for both the traditional and modern anniversary gift lists. Jewelry and gemstones aren't the requisite gift though. Using the modern and traditional 30th anniversary gift ideas as guidelines, you can come up with some incredibly creative and romantic 30th anniversary gifts.

Traditional Gift: Pearl

  • Pearls are a hard gift for men, but pearl cufflinks would work well.
  • Give her an oyster with a real pearl inside. Many places sell these as a kit that comes with a chain to create a beautiful necklace as well.
  • Enjoy a romantic dinner out with oysters.
  • Any pearl jewelry would work well as a gift for this anniversary.
  • For the truly active, spend an afternoon pearl diving.
  • Visit a freshwater pearl farm.

Modern Gift: Diamond

  • Give him/her a watch encrusted with diamonds.
  • Give him diamond cufflinks.
  • Any other diamond jewelry for him or her would work well for this anniversary.
  • Take a trip to Crater of Diamond State Park where you can have fun together searching for your own beautiful diamonds.
  • Enjoy a romantic dinner out at a 5 star rated restaurant or one of AAA's Five Diamond rated restaurants.

Romantic Ideas

  • Take a 30 day cruise together.
  • Give her 30 roses (or whatever flower you used in your wedding) to celebrate 30 years.
  • Relive the past, watch your wedding video again, look at your wedding album together, and reflect on the last year.
  • Match the number of gifts to your anniversary: Give him/her 30 small gifts for the thirtieth anniversary.
  • Create an anniversary time capsule!

Homemade Gift Ideas

  • Create a pearl chess board with pearl opalescent paint. Use "faux" pearls from a craft store in a project.

Flower: Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

Gemstone: Pearl Jubilee

Pearl Jubilee