12th Anniversary Ideas

Amy Cunningham

With silk being the traditional 12th anniversary gift item, you're in for one sexy anniversary night. Get some silk sheets, silk underwear, and silk lingerie then add a few candles and you're good to go! If you want to do more, though we wouldn't understand why ;), read on for creative and romantic 12th anniversary gifts.

Traditional Gift: Silk/Linen

  • Send her a bouquet of beautiful silk roses.
  • Surprise your mate with sexy, silk lingerie or silk boxers.
  • Give her sexy silk pajamas to take with her on your weekend getaway.
  • Spend the afternoon together flying a silk kite.
  • Silk sheets for your bed and an afternoon to enjoy them together.
  • Get a new tablecloth and have a romantic candlelit dinner to go along with it.
  • Give him a silk tie. You could give it to him while wearing nothing but the silk tie like in Pretty Woman.

Modern Gift: Pearl

  • Pearls are a hard gift for men, but pearl cufflinks would work well.
  • Give her an oyster with a real pearl inside. Many places sell these as a kit that comes with a chain to create a beautiful necklace as well.
  • A Pearl Bailey CD
  • A Pearl Jam CD
  • A week long anniversary trip to Pearl Harbor in Oahu, Hawaii!
  • Any pearl jewelry would work well as a gift for this anniversary.

Romantic Ideas

  • Give her 12 roses (or whatever flower you used in your wedding) to celebrate 12 years.
  • Relive the past, watch your wedding video again, look at your wedding album together, and reflect on the last 12 years.
  • Match the number of gifts to your anniversary: Give him/her 12 small gifts for the twelfth anniversary.
  • Create an anniversary time capsule!

Homemade Gift Ideas

  • Embroider linens (tablecloth or bed linens) with their names and wedding date.

Flower: Peonies


Gemstone: Jade