Do This BEFORE You Head Out on Your Date

If you're looking for a serious relationship where someday you hope to get married, and, perhaps, have children, you want that woman to be the sweetest, nicest woman you have ever met, right? You want her to be hardworking. You want her to be good with money. You want her to be smart....but, how often do you go into the date actually using your brain to see if she is indeed the one for you?

It's kind of hard to think when your penis sucks out all the blood from your brain, isn't it?

How can you find her if your hormones are tackling you and holding you down until the date is over? How will you be able to look out for any red flags she may be waving that tells you she is nothing but a pain in the ass? After all, we are talking about your valuable time, and, your money here!

While we are on this subject of looking out for any warning signs, you NEED to write out a list of red flags your past dates waved in front of you that you missed because your hormones were beating the hell out of your lifeless brain, so you couldn't see them until much later.

Write everything down on paper. What things did she do or didn't do that would have you thinking she wouldn't be worth a relationship?

Did you get more attention from your dog than her?

Did she take her cell phone with her? ... Did she answer it?!

Was the conversation with her so boring that it put the other customers within hearing range asleep?

If the answer is yes to the above, you'll realize that she isn't worth a second date. But, if your penis is doing the thinking that night...oh boy.

Now, here's something you should be doing, BEFORE you head out to the date. It will keep you from thinking with your penis, which in turn you'll be able to see her more clearly:

Masturbate at least twice while thinking about her just before meeting her.

Ok, ok, stop rolling the eyes. Think about it. What were your thoughts on when you were dating that last woman you were attracted to? Was it on anything about her inner beauty? And how many times did you go on a second date with a woman because she was so pretty, and later on you got burned? You totally missed the warning signs she gave out.

Think back to all those dates where you could have saved all that time and money if you had only left your hormones at home so your brain had a fighting chance.

Are you thinking?

And while you're sitting there using your pea brain, think of all the times you were at home alone, thinking about that really cute cashier at the grocery store you'd love to date. Are you thinking? Now, think about how you then felt after you masturbated while thinking about her. Was your enthusiasm for her as strong as it was before? How about after you masturbated a second time within that same hour?

All of this sounds pretty silly, doesn't it? But don't take this for granted! It's what you need to do if your hormones have more pull power than your brain. The date should be about what she would be like as a girlfriend or wife, rather than you having sex with her.

What qualities do you want her to have? Write them down, and stick to that list! If you think more like this, you'll be able to find that sweet girl, and then the sex will follow.

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