6 Steps to Happiness in Your Relationship

Amy Cunningham

Life, love, and relationship all have their ups and downs. While you hope to live a fulfilled and happy life, you may feel empty and lost at times. You can feel true happiness in life and your relationship right now with these six steps to a happier relationship.


Before you can be truly happy, you must first accept where you are in your life and relationship. Rather than focusing on the things that your relationship is missing, focus on the things your relationship has. Rather than focusing on where you thought you'd be in your relationship or life, focus on where you really are at the moment and what you have accomplished thus far to get to that point. Only after you accept where you are and make the most of it, should you then begin to focus on where you want to be and what steps you can take to get to that point. Most of all, learn to be happy with yourself and where you are in the moment.


Always remember that you can never know everything and always be willing to learn more. Relationships take work and care. You've probably heard the saying "you can't teach a dog new tricks". Well, it's 100% untrue. Whether you're newly dating, newlyweds, or celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary, you should continue to learn "new tricks". Continuously learning new things about your partner, things to spice up your relationship, and more will bring you happiness and joy.


Work towards simplifying your life. Lack of time and resources put tremendous stress and strain on relationships, so the key is to lessen these obstacles. Evaluate your life for tasks, expenses, or other things that over-burden you and take away from your relationship. Instead, schedule time each day for yourself. A little "me" time goes a long way in improving your spirits, making you happier in life and love. Financial stresses are the number cause of divorce these days. Work towards a plan to eliminate financial burdens such as non-essential bills and debts. Without the excess worry that financial instability brings, you'll feel more at ease and happier in life and in your relationship.


Once you're happy where you are and begin working towards a happier future together, start to anticipate and look forward to that future without it be the sole possibility of happiness. Embrace your hopes and dreams with a newfound happiness that holds the promise of continued happiness throughout your life. Anticipating your future together is like looking out into a clear blue sky with the warmth of the sun embracing you. If you are happy in your life and believe in yourself and the promise of your future, the anticipated happiness of the future will become reality.

Spread Happiness.

Wherever you go throughout your life, continuously spread your happiness, not only with your partner, but with friends, family, and strangers. There's no doubt that you'll have those cloudy days, but the joy of a relationship is that your partner is always there to bring the happiness back. Smile at one another. Laugh together. Spread joy. After you spread the happiness to one another, move outwards. Smile at the person that seems to be feeling down. Give a hug to the person who is crying. Wave at the stranger passing you on the sidewalk. The more happiness you share, the happier you in turn will feel.

Be Thankful.

Always, always, always be thankful for who and what you have in your life. Make sure that your partner knows how truly thankful you are that they are in your life. Take a moment to thank them for doing something for you. To thank them for the cup of coffee. To thank them for those everyday moments that you have together. To thank them for their love. Be thankful for little things that you often overlook. Be thankful for the tough times and the strength that you share that carries you through them. Embrace one another and just be thankful that you have this moment to be thankful together.