5 Ways to Invest in Your Relationship

Amy Cunningham
It's well known that that finances play a big role in a relationship and that financial stress often means doom for many marriages. In fact, studies show that money is the number on cause of marital problems, even over other hot button topics. With the economy souring, those that let the stress and anxiety infiltrate their relationship as well could see the same type of bust that we've see in the stock market.

Rather than let your relationship falter, follow these five tips to keep your relationship stock rising.
  1. Save money. Have Sex.
    Skip out on the expensive dates and engage in some good old fashioned bedroom gymnastics. With all of the economic worries in today's world, you'll not only save money, but you'll strengthen your relationship at the same time.

  2. Invest in your relationship.
    The stress of worrying about money, jobs, and the economy adds more stress on your relationship. While it's impossible to completely let go of all everyday stress and worries, the key is to make time for yourselves a priority. When you're figuring out this week's budget, make sure to budget for a night out for the two of you. If you cut back on quality time together, your relationship stock could falter. Instead, invest a little time and money each week into your relationship and you'll reap big returns.

  3. Nurture your relationship nest egg.
    You may be avoiding the stock market lately, but don't hold out on your relationship as well. You always hear that it's the little things that count the most and it's 100% true. Small, random acts of love, such as holding hands when you're walking, big bear hugs, and unexpected kisses go a long way. Nurture your relationship by increasing your intimacy. Make an effort to touch one another, to cuddle, to hug, and to kiss. The more intimate you become in everyday situations, the stronger your relationship becomes.

  4. Keep your interest rate up.
    When negative external factors, such as the economic difficulties we are currently experiencing, start to impact your relationship, the results can be devastating. The key here is to balance these negative forces so that you don't transfer them to your partner. For any fighting or complaining that occurs, make sure that passion and kindness occurs more often.

  5. Watch out for falling passion.
    As difficult as it may be during tumultuous economic times, keep the stress in check. Research shows the stress decreases your libido, putting your relationship at risk for entering a passion rut. When your sexual relationship enters a rut, you risk distancing yourselves, which could lead to extramarital affairs, relationship splits, and more. The key is to lessen your stress, or at least effectively manage it, so that your sexual relationships do not suffer. Make a conscious effort to keep that passion rising in your relationship.