Wedding Attendant Gifts

Amy Cunningham

Choosing a gift for your wedding attendants is often a daunting task. You're up to your elbows in wedding details and while selecting a gift for your attendants may seem like a minor detail, putting some thought and effort into your selection will be greatly appreciated.

It's a well-known fact that women are simply easier to shop for than men, so selecting a gift for your bridesmaids, flower girls, or other female attendants is likely going to be an easier task. In most cases, the groom is in charge of selecting gifts for the male attendants, but the majority of brides end up contributing to this as well.

The most important part of choosing attendant gifts is the time and thought you put into it. First, ask yourself a few questions. Do you want to give all of your bridesmaids the same gift? What about the groomsmen? Or do you want to select gifts for each of them that match their personalities and give special meaning to their relationship with you? Do you want to give them a material gift or share an event or moment? Your ultimate goal is to give a gift that captures the many fond memories that you and your attendants have together.

Bridesmaids Gifts and Other Female Attendants

The most popular bridesmaid gift is jewelry as they can wear it to the wedding with their gowns. You can personalize the jewelry by giving each girl her birthstone, something with her initial on it, or selecting jewelry that matches and then having it engraved for each girl.

Creating a little 'goody bag' is another fun idea. When I prepared my attendant gifts, the women all received jewelry for the wedding day, Bath and Body Works products tailored to them, a charm with their initial, and chocolate truffles. You can follow this example by selecting common items: jewelry that they'll all wear and then other items that are similar, but tailored to each girl, such as the body products.

Another take on the 'goody bag' idea would be to get a small jewelry box engraved and then put a necklace/earrings set in it for her to wear on the big day. Make it even more special by putting a note to each girl inside the box as well, thanking them for all the memories and for standing beside you on your wedding day.

If you're looking for a more unique gift that creates memories rather than captures them, how about a day at the spa? Treat your girls and you'll create memories while sharing a relaxing day, some great girl-time, and relieving some of that pre-wedding stress at the same time.

Groomsmen Gifts and Other Male Attendants

If you want to stick with traditional gifts, try money clips (the most popular groomsmen gift), watches, wallets, swiss army knives, key chains, or even zippo lighters. Add a special touch to the gift by engraving it with their name and/or a special message.

If you'd rather give a more unique gift, we have a few suggestions.

engraved baseball batMost men love sports, so you really can't go wrong with a sports theme in your attendant gifts. Try tickets to the next football game after the wedding (or whatever sports the guys all love). The guys will have a great time and have a great memory of the thoughtful present. If all your guys like the same local sports team, try creating a gift theme and then giving each guy a gift that's tailored to them, but within the theme. For instance, if you all like the Boston Red Sox, the give all the guys Red Sox themed gifts, such as a tie for the business man, a mouse pad for the computer nerd, and so on. Most professional sports teams have a huge selection of novelties, so you're sure to find something for everyone in the party.

If the guys are all big baseball fans, you could give them engraved Rawlings "Big Stick" baseball bats.

engraved poker setAnother popular gift idea right now would be a poker themed gift. You could give each of the guys a poker set complete with card, poker chips, etc. We came across this professional 300-piece poker set that can even ben engraved! Take the whole theme a step further and the guys could have their bachelor party at a casino or poker night at the house.

Whatever you end up giving them, remember that your attendant gifts are special because they represent the relationship that you have with each member of your wedding party and are given as a thank you for everything they've done and you've shared over the years rather than just a thank you for being in your wedding.

Whether you want your friends to share a special night out after the wedding or whether you want tradition to stand strong, take a little time to put some thought into your attendant gifts. It will pay off in the end.