Will You Marry Me? A Meaningful Wedding Proposal

Amy Cunningham

There is no other time, than the beginning of a relationship, when couples verbally express their love for each other. This is especially true for wedding proposals.

Proposals and vows are words said to your partner...special statements that summarize the entire relationship. They are significant because once they are said, the course of the relationship changes from casual to serious.

The beauty of proposals and vows is in their brevity. They capture the essence of your love, devotion, and commitment in just a few words.

I Want to Spend The Rest of My Life With You

Because a wedding proposal is a story that will be told and retold, it needs to be done in a way to create a storybook tale of the event. Basically, something that you will be proud to tell people the rest of your lives. Here are some guidelines to help you propose with style:

  • Choose a meaningful date that is easy to remember, such as Valentine's Day.
  • Choose a place that has personal meaning, such as the first place you went on a date.
  • Incorporate details that personalize the history of your relationship.
  • Plan the proposal for a day that your partner won't be too rushed or stressed to enjoy the moment.
  • Select a private place, unless you don't' mind others watching.