Aquarius Love Sign Compatibility

Amy Cunningham

Your Aquarius love compatibility chart shows how compatible you are with your current partner. For singles, it gives you insight as to which future partners you may be most compatible with, based on your zodiac sign and horoscope compatibility. It allows you to see which astrology signs Aquarians match best or worst with in love and relationships.

Aquarians will never get bored with an Aries. A committed relationship, or even marriage, is possible, so long as they make it through the beginnings of the relationship. These two also work phenomenally well together as friends or co-workers.

While Aquarians and Taureans could work well as great friends, any more than that is unlikely. Taureans, known to be possessive, give up quickly on Aquarians as they prefer to be free an uninhibited rather than boxed into a possessive and demanding relationship. However, the Taureans positive outlook and dependable nature helps Aquarians turn projects into completion.

Because Gemini and Aquarians are both air signs, they're both free thinkers and overly independent. The match between the two is a marvelous relationship of friendship and love. The trick to making this relationship work is partnership. The Gemini and Aquarian must learn to rely upon one another. Additionally, they need to keep the passion alive or risk turning a relationship into a friendship.

The relationship between a Cancer and an Aquarian is a strange one. Together they form an amazing friendship, but key differences prevent them from becoming anything more. The Aquarian tends to be naive, but determined and this doesn't always work well in Cancer's dream-laden world. Even though Cancer has great admiration for Aquarians, anything more than a friendship will be difficult.

While these signs may be attracted to one another, the love compatibility just isn't there. A relationship of friendship is better than one of love for these two opposite signs as they tend to be judgmental of one another. Aquarians view Leo's as egocentric and pompous and have a difficult time dealing with their bossiness. Leo's, on the other hand, view Aquarians as too airy and 'out there' rather than practical. While they are opposites, they read each other well, which makes their friendship strong, provided they overlook the differences.

Virgo and Aquarians have a love compatibility of zero. Virgo's can't put up with the independence and fantasy-driven Aquarian as they like things orderly and grounded. Aquarians, on the other hand, can't deal with the nit-picking and insecurities that sometimes plague the Virgo. These two signs are better off apart.

Aquarians and Libra's spark romance with their affinity of air signs. Libra's, who are peaceful and love harmony, respect the independence of the Aquarian, while the Aquarian appreciates the Libra's ability to see 'both sides' of everything. These two together get everything they need from a romantic relationship as they compliment each other well. While not many problems arise in this relationship, conflict may arise if the Libra feels that the independent Aquarian puts less into the relationship.

A match made in friendship heaven, the Scorpio and the Libra thrive off of each other's intelligence and continually stimulate one another. This relationship is strictly one of friendship though as the Aquarian's may feel attacked by the intensity of Scorpio's and Scorpio's are often disappointed by the Aquarians's flightiness.

Aquarians and Sagittarians are quite compatible in love and their relationships tend to be quite secure and long lasting. Because they have similar interests and needs, they are able to support each other well and comprise effectively on any differences that may arise. Known for their free spirits, problems can arise when these two feel tied down by responsibility. However, if they set shared goals, they'll lead each other through the path of life and have fun with it at the same time.

The relationship between the Capricorn and the Aquarian is a fragile one. While Capricorn's are determined to make things work in life and relationships, it's somewhat difficult for the disciplined Capricorn to appreciate the independent, fantasy-driven Aquarian. On the other hand, these two work well together as business partners as the creative Aquarian comes up with ideas and the practical Capricorn organizes and plans, bringing the ideas to life. Communication flows easily between these two and while a shared kiss may not be desirable, they feed off of one another, teaching and learning along the way.

While the similarity between two Aquarians may seem like a great match, the love compatibility between these two is less than desirable. Their tendency to be cool, detached, and unemotional leads to understandings and difficulties in a romantic relationship. While they may work well over time, it's best to leave this relationship as one of friendship.

Aquarians and Pisces enhance one another creatively as they're both fantasy-driven. The two together tend to be agreeable when it comes to decision making, which bodes well for a long term relationship. Problems arise though in that Pisces are big dreamers, even more so than the airy Aquarian. Difficulties also arise as the secretive Pisces keeps their needs and desires closely guarded and the independent Aquarian lacks the desire to pull them out.

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