Cancer Love Sign Compatibility

Amy Cunningham

Your Cancer love compatibility chart shows how compatible you are with your current partner. For singles, it gives you insight as to what future partners you may be most compatible with, based on your zodiac sign and horoscope compatibility. It allows you to see which astrology signs Cancer matches best or worst with in love and relationships.

A relationship between a Cancer and an Aries is a difficult one as Ariens tend to be bold, passionate individuals and Cancer's tend to be nurturing and private. The biggest problem occurs in that Cancer has a need to be loved and Aries tend to be too selfish to notice. This relationship could work if the woman is a Cancer (because of a woman's underlying motherly, nurturing nature), but even in that circumstance, a romantic relationship between Cancer and Aries is a difficult one.

The love compatibility between these two signs hits the top. An excellent complementary relationship between their Earth and Water signs, these two both desire a comfortable, caring relationship and home life. The soft atmosphere that they create together bodes well for a long lasting romantic relationship complete with a family, children, and home.

The relationship between the a Gemini and a Cancer is a unique one. Though opposite, they share an understanding of one another. The quick-thinking, energetic Gemini may sound appealing to the caring and nurturing Cancer, but they're better off as friends in the long run.

A relationship between two Cancer's is likely to end in disaster. These overemotional individuals will fight, sulk, and be overly protective of one another. Cancer's tend to work better with those that have more complimentary signs. You're better off as friends in this situation.

A relationship between a Leo and a Cancer is a true partnership and a great one for family, though not always the best when it comes to romantic love. The playful and energetic Leo paired with the nurturing and caring Cancer together make great parents. The problems lie in that Leo's can at times get bossy and Cancer's have a difficult time with this.

Relationships between Virgo's and Cancer's work well. They share a love for their home and quiet lives. While Cancer's may complain about Virgo's strive for perfectionism and Virgo's complain about Cancer's tendency to be overemotional, the relationship works. These two share a deep understanding along with a warm and loving nature.

A relationship between this romantic and dreamer is possible, but difficult. Cancer needs and expects strength in a partner, which Libra's don't have. These two share a lot of the same views and feelings, which appears to be a good match. The problems occurs when too much sentimentality and emotions interfere.

Cancer's love compatibility with Scorpio's is quite high with an affinity between their water signs. These two signs compliment each other well, but there is a fine line that that they must not cross over. The in-charge, fiery Scorpio sometimes dominates that quiet, dreaming Cancer. Though they have great physical and sexual compatibility, a Cancer's ability to rouse the destructive nature of a Scorpio can hurt their deep bond.

This relationship really could go either way. The Sagittarian and Cancer share the same taste in travel, adventure, and family life, but they can easily disappoint one another. To make this relationship work, Sagittarian's need to steer clear of the idea that they're protecting their partner and Cancer's need to accept a Sagittarian's need to be a homebody in addition to excitement. If a romantic relationship doesn't work, these two work great together as friends.

Though opposites, Capricorn's and Cancer's are often attracted to one another. Cancer's tend to charm Capricorn's with their affection and gentleness, while Capricorn's charm Cancer's with their depth and sincerity. The problems arise when each realizes that the Capricorn is too stubborn and set in their ways and the Cancer can be too emotional and childish. Long lasting relationships between these two signs often end after a few years. To make it work, they must realize their differences from the beginning.

The relationship between a Cancer and an Aquarian is a strange one. Together they form an amazing friendship, but key differences prevent them from becoming anything more. The Aquarian tends to be naive, but determined and this doesn't always work well in Cancer's dream-laden world. Even though Cancer has great admiration for Aquarians, anything more than a friendship will be difficult.

These two water signs have a deep bond and understanding between one another. Cancer's and Pisces are both sensitive and loving and can often communicate easily without saying a word. Problems arise in that neither is very grounded. Romance between the two will abound though.

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