Gemini Love Sign Compatibility

Amy Cunningham

Your Gemini love compatibility chart shows how compatible you are with your current partner. For singles, it gives you insight as to which future partners you may be most compatible with, based on your zodiac sign and horoscope compatibility. It allows you to see which astrology signs Gemini matches best or worst with in love and relationships.

These energetic signs join together in a bold and passionate relationship. Both Aries and Gemini's tend to be excitement seekers. The key to making this relationship work long term is balance the excitement with stability, which may prove difficult as the line between passionate and unpassionate is a thin one. Those that make it work though will be greatly rewarded in love.

A complimentary relationship exists between the Gemini and the Taurean, but it works better in a workplace environment as Gemini's tend to finish out the Taurean rough work. Romantic relationships are not as complimentary as there are communication problems between these two signs, mostly due to the Taureans stubbornness. This relationship can work in the long term if the Taurean is a women as she'll give the social butterfly that is the Tarurean roots in love.

Unlike other relationships where both individuals are of the same sign, a Gemini and Gemini romantic relationships can work. At least for a while. Eventually their free-spirt will catch up to them and they tire of being with someone that is so similar. To make this work, partner's must surprise their mates and keep the adventures new and exciting.

The relationship between the a Gemini and a Cancer is a unique one. Though opposite, they share an understanding of one another. The quick-thinking, energetic Gemini may sound appealing to the caring and nurturing Cancer, but they're better off as friends in the long run.

The relationship between a Leo and Gemini is a highly compatible one as they compliment each other quite well. Rather than compete with each other (which can often be the case), these two must instead compete together. Gemini's are very adaptable and Leo's are very understanding, both of which help to make this romance long lasting. Problems could possibly arise if their egos clash, but if they stay focused, they'll last.

This is a difficult relationship as the focused Virgo can is often annoyed by the distracted Gemini. If there is understanding a respect though, the Virgo can help Gemini to carry things through, possibly making this relationship work, though only with continuous effort.

The Libra and Gemini share an affinity of air signs and a great love compatibility. They both share a sensitivity and intelligence that will pair them well. There are a few problems with this pairing though, specially that Libra's tend to be overly romantic and Gemini's aren't romantic enough. However, with balance, these two will go far.

The Scorpion and the Gemini can clash, but mutual interest's and respect can help to overcome these. While the relationships these two make generally begin with a fascination for the other, negativity between the two can often destroy it before it's had a chance to grow.

This relationship is filled with both complimentary and opposing characteristics. Sagittarians and Gemini may be attracted to one another due to their desire for excitement and adventure. However, these two signs don't follow the same rules and that can cause riffs. The real problems arise though in that Sagittarians have difficulty in dealing with a Gemini's cynicism and Gemini have difficulty in dealing with the Sagittarian's optimism.

The disciplined Capricorn will have a hard time with the adventurous Gemini, but they share a understanding of one another. Their relationship is a complimentary one, though probably better suited for friendship. Either way it's an interesting partnership because Gemini's air sign lightens the earthy world of the Capricorn, who in turn gives the Gemini roots. Because they are opposites though, it's possible on one hand they'll be a match and the other they'll most definitely not.

Because Gemini and Aquarians are both air signs, they're both free thinkers and overly independent. The match between the two is a marvelous relationship of friendship and love. The trick to making this relationship work is partnership. The Gemini and Aquarian must learn to rely upon one another. Additionally, they need to keep the passion alive or risk turning a relationship into a friendship.

Completely incompatible, the sensitive and complex Pisces and energetic and daring Gemini have difficulty in understanding one another. Gemini tend to be logical while Pisces are more intuitive. Because of these differences, even friendship between these two signs is difficult as they quickly become irritated with one another.

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