Leo Love Sign Compatibility

Amy Cunningham

Your Leo love compatibility chart shows how compatible you are with your current partner. For singles, it gives you insight as to which future partners you may be most compatible with based on your zodiac sign and horoscope compatibility. It allows you to see which astrology signs Leo matches best or worst with in love and relationships.

The love compatibility between a Leo and an Aries works well due to an affinity of the fire signs. Both Leos and Ariens are enthusiastic and passionate individuals, which makes for an exciting relationship. Even with their high compatibility, problems can arise. Because they both have such a strong, passionate nature, they risk burning each other up and exhausting their love too quickly. The key to making this a long lasting relationship is to keep each other reined in.

Taureans and Leos could go either way. If a sensible Taurean could accept the Leo's playfulness and vice versa a relationship could work. A partnership between the two particular seems to work well when the woman is a Taurean, allowing the Leo male to lead the way.

The relationship between a Leo and Gemini is a highly compatible one as they compliment each other quite well. Rather than compete with each other (which can often be the case), these two must instead compete together. Gemini's are very adaptable and Leo's are very understanding, both of which help to make this romance long lasting. Problems could possibly arise if their egos clash, but if they stay focused, they'll last.

A relationship between a Leo and a Cancer is a true partnership and a great one for family, though not always the best when it comes to romantic love. The playful and energetic Leo paired with the nurturing and caring Cancer together make great parents. The problems lie in that Leo's can at times get bossy and Cancer's have a difficult time with this.

Two Leo's in a relationship is dangerous, especially it they work in the same fields or participate in the same activities. The desire to lead and be admired creates intense rivalry between these two, generally leaving one with hurt pride.

A relationship with a Virgo could go either way. The Virgo's desire to be a team player compliments the Leo's desire to lead quite well. This relationship will particularly work for male Leo's with a devoted Virgo female. Problems with this match occur when the orderly Virgo lacks the playful flair of the Leo. With devotion, this relationship could work.

Leo's and Libra's are both romantics at heart and have one of the highest love compatibility matches. The Libra will provide the emotional nourishment that the Leo needs and the Leo provides the Libra with the protection and leadership they desire. Together they understand one another well. The only problems that occur in this relationship is when one may try too hard to please the other. A relationship between these two is one that will last forever.

These two powerful signs tend to butt heads with one another. If they worked together, they could do great things. Unfortunately, their passion tends to take over and they usually end up arguing. If they could keep the passion under control, it may work, but they tend to work better as friends.

Sagittarians and Leos share an affinity of the fire signs and a higher love compatibility. Both understanding of one another, they also support one another and help each other to succeed. They'll not only help each other through life, but they'll have fun together doing it. The free spirit of the Sagittarian compliments the playfulness of the Leo quite well. Problems can arise in this pairing though if both partners work in the same field professionally as it could create a more competitive environment.

Leo's and Capricorns don't always understand one another, but they do hold a deep respect for one another. The cautious Capricorn doesn't understand the Leo's theatrical side and Leo's don't understand the Capricorn's lack of enthusiasm. However, they compliment each well in that the Leo sees big and the Capricorn sees far.

While these signs may be attracted to one another, the love compatibility just isn't there. A relationship of friendship is better than one of love for these two opposite signs as they tend to be judgmental of one another. Aquarians view Leo's as egocentric and pompous and have a difficult time dealing with their bossiness. Leo's, on the other hand, view Aquarians as too airy and 'out there' rather than practical. While they are opposites, they read each other well, which makes their friendship strong, provided they overlook the differences.

This is a difficult relationship unless the Pisces dedicates themselves to the Leo and admires him shamelessly. If this is the case, a match is possible because the Leo will protect the their Pisces partner and guard them. The relationship has a better chance of lasting if the female is a Pisces, as female Leo's have a hard time of dealing with the imaginative Piscean.

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