Libra Love Sign Compatibility

Amy Cunningham

Your Libra love compatibility chart shows how compatible you are with your current partner. For singles, it gives you insight as to which future partners you may be most compatible with, based on your zodiac sign and horoscope compatibility. It allows you to see which astrology signs Libra matches best or worst with in love and relationships.

While Ariens and Libras's are opposites, they compliment each other well. Libra's desire for harmony and balance complements the "larger than life" mentality of the Arien. This match is a fascinating, but difficult one. It could work if both partners focus on their partner as well as themselves, but often these two signs are better off as friends.

A good friendship as these two artists could quite happy together. One sign loves the body and the other loves the mind, but if they worked together, they could be happy in a romantic relationship.

The Libra and Gemini share an affinity of air signs and a great love compatibility. They both share a sensitivity and intelligence that will pair them well. There are a few problems with this pairing though, specially that Libra's tend to be overly romantic and Gemini's aren't romantic enough. However, with balance, these two will go far.

A relationship between this romantic and dreamer is possible, but difficult. Cancer needs and expects strength in a partner, which Libra's don't have. These two share a lot of the same views and feelings, which appears to be a good match. The problems occurs when too much sentimentality and emotions interfere.

Leo's and Libra's are both romantics at heart and have one of the highest love compatibility matches. The Libra will provide the emotional nourishment that the Leo needs and the Leo provides the Libra with the protection and leadership they desire. Together they understand one another well. The only problems that occur in this relationship is when one may try too hard to please the other. A relationship between these two is one that will last forever.

Virgo's and Libra's will have a difficult time making this relationship last. While Libra's are romantics and charming, they will soon tire of the Virgo's excessive need for perfection. Libra's are often attracted to a Virgo's practical an logical side, but their lack of romance makes it difficult to create a long lasting relationship.

This relationship could work well as the two romantics desire harmony in their lives. Problems in the relationship can occur when each feel that they have given too much, more so than their partner, to the relationship.

This is a difficult relationship between Scorpio and Libra individuals. Though Scorpions are adaptable, they also tend to be fiery, with a sting in their tail. This is often too much for the romantic Libra, who simply wants a harmonious life. If a relationship between these two is going to last, it will require a lot of care and determination. Libra's weaknesses tend to annoy Scorpions more so than other signs.

This relationship is one that works well as the free spirited Sagittarian craves the same harmonious life as the romantic Libra. Both individuals have an understanding and willingness about them that keeps their partner happy. With love and dedication, this is a relationship that will continue through the years.

A relationship between a Libra and a Capricorn is riddled with emotional problems. Sensitive and loving Libra's need to feel loved without judgement, which is something a Capricorn is not capable of as they tend to be more reserved. A Libra freely gives the love and affection that a Capricorn needs, but the secretive nature of a Capricorn leads a Libra to believe that they're cold in not returning the love.

Aquarians and Libra's spark romance with their affinity of air signs. Libra's, who are peaceful and love harmony, respect the independence of the Aquarian, while the Aquarian appreciates the Libra's ability to see 'both sides' of everything. These two together get everything they need from a romantic relationship as they compliment each other well. While not many problems arise in this relationship, conflict may arise if the Libra feels that the independent Aquarian puts less into the relationship.

While both Pisces and Libra's are affectionate and sentimental, they often times seem to misunderstand one another as one tends to be more of a thinking romantic and the other leans towards a dreamer romantic. If they can curb the thinking versus dreaming and focus on the romance, it could work.

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