Do Opposite Signs Attract?

Amy Cunningham

You've more than likely heard the phrase "opposites attract". Well, it's true when it comes to astrolgical matching as well! While similar signs give a sense of comfort, opposite signs give a sense of excitement and interest, which offers the best opportunity for personal growth and growth in a relationship.

In astrology there are no real exact opposite signs. Instead, the opposites are complimentary and complete each other, though not exact. Opposite sun signs may have the same goals, but the way they go about achieving these goals is different. They tend to balance each other out though because even though they approach their goals differently, they do have the same goals.

To determine your opposite sign, you need to consult the horoscope chart:

love sign compatibility chart

Your opposite sign, which tends to be one of your more compatible matches in a romantic relationship, is found directly across from your zodiac sign in the horoscope chart.