Aquarius Love Horoscopes

Amy Cunningham


(January 20 - February 18)

aquariusSign: The Water Carrier
Planet: Uranus
Element: Air
Gemstone: Amethyst
Flower: Violet
Colors: Wild, bright
Weekday: Wednesday
Numbers: 4, 8

Aquarius Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of March 3, 2014

Venus moves into your sign this week and towards the end of the week, your individualism will be heightened with a magnetic pull difficult for anyone to ignore. You'll exude a new level of confidence that will give your relationship a significant and intimate love boost or attract a partner that exudes these similar strong qualities.

About Aquarius

Aquarius are imaginative, eclectic, and unpredictable. They tend to have an unusual, bohemian style and are generally considered trendsetters. They have an independent personality and are very honest and objective. They are very wise, progressive, stimulating, and promote high ideals.

On the flip side, they tend to be cool, detached, and unemotional, which can help them succeed in business, but can harm their personal relationships. Aquarians have a determined character, but this can lead to rebelliousness. However, Aquarians are friendly and very warm to those close to them. In romantic relationships, they especially enjoy dreaming of the future and reminiscing about the past.

Aquarius Strength: Eclectic
Aquarius Weakness: Know it all

Aquarius Love Horoscope Compatibility

When it comes to relationships, Aries are most compatible with the other air signs, Gemini & Libra. The whispery wind of love between the two makes for a quiet, but intense romance. However, this intensity can also come with a difference in levels of romance that may result in losing interest or a stronger friendly bond rather than passionate. Read more about Aquarius matches or find out your aquarius love horoscope compatibility with other zodiac signs. Love horoscope compatibilities show how compatible you are with your current partner or what future partners you may be most compatible with.

Famous Aquarius Birthdays

  • Jan 25: Alicia Keys (1981)
  • Jan 26: Paul Newman (1925)
  • Jan 27: Mozart (1756)
  • Jan 29: Oprah Winfrey (1954)
  • Jan 30: Vanessa Redgrave (1937)
  • Jan 31: Portia de Rossi (1973)
  • Jan 31: Justin Timberlake (1981)
  • Feb 6: Bob Marley (1945)
  • Feb 7: Charles Dickens (1812)
  • Feb 7: Chris Rock (1966)
  • Feb 7: Ashton Kutcher (1978)
  • Feb 8: James Dean (1931)
  • Feb 11: Jennifer Aniston (1969)
  • Feb 12: Abraham Lincoln (1809)
  • Feb 17: Denise Richards (1971)
  • Feb 17: Paris Hilton (1981)
  • Feb 17: Michael Jordan (1963)
  • Feb 18: John Travolta (1954)
  • Feb 18: Matt Dillon (1964)

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