Cancer Love Horoscopes

Amy Cunningham


(June 21 - July 22)

cancerSign: The Crab
Planet: Saturn
Element: Water
Gemstone: Moonstone
Flower: Larkspur
Colors: Silver, Green
Weekday: Friday
Numbers: 3, 8

Cancer Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of March 3, 2014

As you move towards the end of the week, you'll see your love life spicing up as Venus moves into the more intimate areas of your chart. This is the week to to get adventurous and try new, sexier things with your parter. You'll have fun and your relationship will relationship will benefit.

About Cancer

Cancer's are trusting, private, dreamers. They tend to be somewhat nurturing, protective, and overemotional. They are true friends though and believe that your home is your sanctuary.

Cancer's often feel the need to be loved, but must be careful of not making their partners overly dependent on them. They are very loving in romantic relationships and tend to be creative, allowing for those romantic gestures that their partners crave.

Cancer Strength: Nurturer
Cancer Weakness: Focus on fears of the past

Cancer Love Horoscope Compatibility

When it comes to relationships, Cancer are most compatible with Taurus & Virgo. The complimentary relationship between earth and water brings about an understanding and easiness in a romantic relationship. These signs all look for a loving relationship and happy family life. Read more about Cancer matches or find out your cancer love horoscope compatibility with other zodiac signs. Love horoscope compatibilities show how compatible you are with your current partner or what future partners you may be most compatible with.

Famous Cancer Birthdays

  • Jun 21: Prince William (1982)
  • Jun 22: Meryl Streep (1949)
  • Jun 27: Helen Keller (1880)
  • Jun 27: Tobey Maguire (1975)
  • Jun 30: Mike Tyson (1966)
  • Jul 1: Princess Diana (1961)
  • Jul 1: Pamela Anderson (1967)
  • Jul 1: Liv Tyler (1977)
  • Jul 2: Lindsay Lohan (1986)
  • Jul 3: Tom Cruise (1962)
  • Jul 6: George W. Bush (1946)
  • Jul 7: Ringo Starr (1940)
  • Jul 9: Tom Hanks (1956)
  • Jul 9: Courtney Love (1964)
  • Jun 10: Judy Garland (1922)
  • Jul 10: Jessica Simpson (1980)
  • Jul 13: Harrison Ford (1942)
  • Jul 21: Robin Williams (1952)
  • Jul 21: David Hasselhoff (1952)

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