Couple Horoscopes

Amy Cunningham

April is usually a good month for new beginnings and new hopes, and 2013 is no exception. As winter yields to spring's insistence, thoughts turn, naturally, toward the winds of change and toward the relief that the warmer days and burgeoning world brings. Spirits tend to rise in spring and summer as the light returns with the spring equinox. This April is especially good for love, as Mercury will end its retrograde on the 6th of April. An eclipse on April 25 and Earth Day on April 22 will also be in the mix this year, adding some flair and a celebratory edge. A couple's diary, below, of love forecasts for each sign should help people to add some fun to the month just ahead.

April 2013

With Mars leaving retrograde on April 6, life is bound to improve in the area of conflicts, which tend to flair before the Mercury departure. April 1 should bring the pre-shift with Venus and Mercury meeting on the 6th to add flair and energy to the month. The Aries sun will prove to be powerful, so it's a good time for couples to start new relationships, strengthen commitments, should they wish to do so, and bask in the rejuvenating energy that this month will bring, with the major change of the eclipse coming on the 25th. Other themes for this month, this year are commitment, projects, family ties, esepcially siblinghood, and solid progress in all areas of life, so couples should remember to cozy up to these, as well.

Passion at the end of the month with Venus coming into the Taurus picture are when the energies of love will be at their peak this month. This would be a good time to go away or plan a lover's tryst get-a-way weekend somewhere romantic. Earlier in the month, expect to feel a bit at sea as Mercury's influence begins to wane on the 6th. The first should bring a burst of enthusiasm, so hold on to it. Other themes this month will be ambitions, thinking about your community role, and professional role as well, so couples might get ambitious together.

Venus leaves Mercury on the 6th and moves into Taurus, bringing a flirty and flighty energy into the romantic hearts of the Gemini couples. Communication is wide open this month as the conflicts of Mercury leave, so it may be a great time to enjoy getting closer in terms of opening up your hearts even more to each other. Going away would be a great option for the Gemini couple, so enjoy the bliss that this particular April may bring to you on the 1st and as Venus moves into Taurus.

Jupiter's presence helps couples in this sign to have stability, and with all that movement of Venus and Mercury this month, it's an auspicious time for the Cancer couple to turn their minds toward more serious undertakings like making the relationship permanent or shoring up inheritances, taxes, wills, or other stable enterprises. Still, don't forget to make time for play.

The fire that can be Leo is alive and kicking this month with Mercury leaving on the 6th and Venus coming in to play. It is a good month for romance, on all levels, either for new beginnings or for reigniting that flame. April 1 should be bliss as the Mercury retrograde begins to loosen its hold on conflict energies and dissipate.

With Neptune and Pluto in play, you may find this month surprisingly full of passion and romance possibilities, so couples may wish to put aside the daily routine to find some time to celebrate and bask. Virgo is usually more of a placid sign emotionally, but this month is an exception, and with the Mercury shifts, desire may be at a peak, so remember to enjoy.

If there's conflict for couples in Libra this month, it will be at the end with the eclipse on the 25th turning everything upside down. Expect time for dreamy realism or idealism early in the month; take some time to unwind as Mercury departs on the 6th, and the skies open up to more blissful opportunities. Couples may wish to focus on expression and creative play this month especially.

Expect the shift from Mercury into Venus to be a little rough for the Scorpio couple this month; it might be best to put off that romantic rendezvous until a little later in the month, when the magic and mystery of the eclipse, along with Venus's presence will make for more memorable energies concerning passion.

Sentimentality is an energy that will be present this month more readily for the Sagittarius with the star signs overhead bringing these emotions to the surface. It may be a good time for couples to re-establish their bond by sharing what they love with each other, and, for certain, it will be time to celebrate as energies peak then plateau, a bit, with Venus bringing a nice steady optimism.

The first part of the month will bring some tug and pull with the shift into Mercury, but Venus will rise into the Capricorn couple's life, with ideal shifts around tax day for couples to feel more at play. Opportunities for passion arise here, so plan that weekend away for late in the month.

The 1st and 6th are auspicious days for the Aquarius with the shift from Mercury bringing an opportunity for passion as Venus arrives. Later in the month will bring more equanimity, and with Mars's influence, this is a good time for dreaming. It may be a good time for the Aquarius couple to turn their attentions toward something they have been dreaming of together--a house purchase, or starting a new venture.

With Neptune coming in to this sign on the 5th, and Mercury retrograde ending on the 6th, it's a time of heightened energy and tumult, so passion is a real possibility, but beware of the roller-coaster effect. Couples may wish to remember that conflict is possible early in the month, with things smoothing out as the month progresses. Make time for each other as the Neptune influence could shake things up a bit.

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