Calculate Your Numerology Partner Number

Amy Cunningham

Love numerology assigns a numeric value to your birth name. Your Partner number is calculated by adding your numerology number and your partner's numerology number together. By calculating your partner number, you can learn the strength's and weaknesses that you and your partner have in your relationship. It also gives you an idea of what you should focus on together to make your relationship a long-lasting, successful partnership of love.

Using the following chart, first calculate your individual destiny numbers. You then calculate your partner number by adding together your individual destiny numbers. You continue adding the numbers until you have a single digit.


Partner Number Calculation Example:
John Joseph Doe
JOHN DOE = 1 + 6 + 8 + 5 + 4 + 6 + 5 = 35 = 8
JANE DOE = 1 + 1 + 5 + 5 + 4 + 6 + 5 = 27 = 9

Now calculate your partner number.
8 + 9 = 17 = 8

Partner Number Meanings

A couple with a partner number of one must be very clear about one another's limits. This couple is comprised of two individualists who must make efforts to respect one another's privacy and not invade their partners personal space. If these two do not respect these boundaries, they may find themselves being pulled in different directions and the relationship ending. If the respect these boundaries and each other, they'll experience long-lasting love.

A couple with a partner number of two must learn to cooperate or the relationship will not last. These two often end up in a power struggle, but with patience, understanding, and co-operation, these two will have a successful life together.

A couple with a partner number of three must continuously work on expressing themselves and opening up to their partner. Often times this couple has difficulties with communication that can cause problems, but if they're open with one another and share their joys and sorrows, they'll last.

A couple with a partner number of four must learn to work together in every aspect of life by setting goals and working together to achieve them. This couple needs to watch out for boredom as they like to always have something to works towards. If they plan, organize, and work together, they will succeed in their relationship and in life.

A couple with a partner number of five must learn to control and channel the passion. This unrestrained couple often has difficulties in maintaining balance in their relationship because they're often caught up in their feelings and emotions. If they learn to control their passionate nature, they'll bring order to their relationship and endure the tests of time.

A couple with a partner number six must learn to take responsibility for their individual actions. This couple tends to blame one another any time anything goes wrong. Instead of blaming their partner, they need to accept problems and open their hearts to love. If they can accept the responsibility, they'll enjoy a loving relationship.

A couple with a partner number of seven must learn to work together on a spiritual level. These sensitive individuals tend to keep things to themselves. Instead, if they open up to their partner on every level, they'll live in harmony together.

A couple with a partner number of eight must learn to find balance in life and love. These individuals often feel pulled in many different directions and even find themselves doing the same to their partners. If they find common ground and learn to accept things for how they are, their relationship will endure in happiness.

A couple with a partner number of nine must learn to be open with others. This giving couple often gives so much of themselves, that they forget the real meaning of giving both inside and outside of their relationship. Their nature is to help others, which gives them a more satisfying and blessed life and relationship. However, they need to make sure to give inside the relationship as well and they'll elevate their love to a higher plane.

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