Stay at Home Date Ideas

Amy Cunningham

Whether due to financial constraints, a lack of time, or not having a babysitter for your kids, you may not be able to actually go out on a date. However, that doesn't mean you and your significant other need to sit at home and do the same things you always do like watch a movie or TV. These ideas will give your stay at home date night a jolt of creativity!

Game Of Love

There are so many generations of gaming consoles these days that most people own at least one or used ones can be bought pretty cheap on eBay. Maybe one of you doesn't like or hasn't tried video games but so many of the games now are easy to learn and just start playing, so give them a try. Each console has various party games that can be a lot of fun to play either with just you and your significant other or you guys on a team against another couple or two. Great picks for an evening of fun include party type games (e.g., Mario Party, Mario Kart) or dance games (e.g., the Just Dance series). These can provide hours of entertainment and laughs.

DIY Love

Try something new together! Pick an activity that you've never done before or have always wanted to do. You can cook something, get crafty (painting, making pottery, crafting something from wood, etc.), or try a new type of exercise such as karate. Since this requires some supplies, you'll have to plan ahead. Search for ideas on YouTube, rent or buy a how to video, or do a quick web search for some how to articles and/or videos, recipes, etc. You may even find a new hobby or a talent that you didn't realize you possessed!

Living Room Picnic

Put down a blanket, dim the lights, and pull out the picnic basket. Plan ahead and fill the basket with take-out from your partner's favorite restaurant. Or try something a little more gourmet with wine, fruit, and cheese. Or skip the dinner and go with a dessert picnic. Put on some background nature sounds or light music, and enjoy your quiet evening just being together cuddling or talking.

Camp Out Night

If you have a fireplace in your living room, then lay out some blankets and pillows and spend the night cuddling next to it (just make sure that the fireplace is safe and nothing is near it to start on fire). If you want to go-all-out and the weather is right, it's safe, and you have a backyard then actually spend the night outside making s'mores and camping out beneath the stars (make sure to each pick a star and make a wish before you go to sleep).

Love Mystery Science Theater 3000

If you're looking for night of laughs, rent a movie with horrible reviews that you've never seen and has a small cast. Play the movie with the sound muted and you and your partner each provide the dialogue and sound effects for certain characters. You'll spend the night laughing as you create your own hilarious movie that will be so much better than the actual movie.

Game Night

Of course, you could pull out your favorite board game to play together, but how about an old fashioned game night with a twist? Using board games that you already have on hand, you can modify the rules for a fun and sexy at home date night:

Board Games

  • Chutes & Ladders - Raid this kids' game for a quick game of fun. If you land on a ladder, do something to your partner from the waist up. If you land on a chute, do something to your partner from the waist down.
  • Monopoly - In lieu of payment when you land on their property, indulge in a little intimacy. If there are no houses on their property, exchange a kiss. If 1 house, add some tongue. If 2 houses, lengthen your kiss. If 3 houses, kiss another part of your partner's body. If 4 houses, remove an article of clothing. If a hotel, perform an act of your partner's choosing. Feel free to change and adapt as you play. The idea is to get creative and sexy.
  • Scrabble - Option 1. Play as you normally would, but any time you land on a double or triple word score, you get to remove an article of your partner's clothing. Option 2. Play as you normally would, but integrate sexy/dirty words. Any time one of you plays a dirty word, you get to remove an item of your partner's clothing. Any time one of you plays a sexy word, your partner has to perform that act on you.
  • Trivial Pursuit - There are so many versions of this game out, so start by picking one that has trivia that interests you. As you play, modify the rules so that when you answer a question on the pie piece places, in addition to (or instead of) getting your pie piece, you get to remove an article of your partner's clothing.
  • Twister - Play as you normally would, but without clothes! I'm sure you've heard of this one, but don't knock it until you try it. You'll end up in some pretty intimate positions -- great for some twisted date night fun.

Card Games

  • Favor Poker - The idea in "Favor Poker" is to play like normal poker, but instead of wagering with money, you wager with favors. Before you begin, write your favors on little strips of paper. These can range anywhere from certain chores to more intimate favors. As you play, use the same strategies and rules as the regular game, but throw in your favors each time you wager. How to Play
  • Spoils Of War - Play the card game "War". Whoever wins gets to enjoy the "spoils of war" in the form of being spoiled by their partner, who has to do whatever the winner wants for the rest of the evening. How to Play
  • Strip Poker - You can always go with the old standby. In strip poker, you remove an article of clothing every time you lose a round. How to Play