Love Fortunes with the Love Fortune Cookies

Amy Cunningham
love fortune cookie

Are you looking for insight into your romantic future? Simply click below for answers as the love fortune cookie knows your romantic destiny!

This online love fortune cookie works just like the fortune cookies that you get after your meal at a Chinese restaurant. Select "Love fortune" below for romantic guidance and you'll automatically get your love fortune for the day.

Love numbers, or lucky numbers, are your special numbers for the day. They're sometimes played in lotteries or other contests, some of which have been actual winners! Simply select "Love Numbers" below to get your daily love numbers.

Love Fortunes with the Love Fortune Cookie

Click below for your love fortune and your lucky love numbers.

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Between the sheets?

There's a popular joke you may have heard of where you add the phrases "between the sheets" or "in bed" to the end of your love fortune when you read it aloud. The result is usually a funny, though sometimes sexy, fortune with sexual innuendos or hilarious messages. For example: "There is nothing permanent about life except change [between the sheets]."

Fancy Fortunes

Take your romantic fortune a step further with our pick for a creative and romantic gift: personalized fortune cookies!

These romantic fortune cookies are not only delicious (hand-dipped in milk chocolate, then decorated with red lip sprinkles), but they come completely personalized with your own fortunes! Proposing soon? Love fortune cookies are the perfect way to do it with a "Will you marry me?" love fortune inside. If you're not sure what to write for your love fortunes, you can get the romantic collection that's full of pre-written romantic love fortunes. Shape your romantic future with these romantic fortune cookies.

Funny Fortunes

Sometimes fortunes are more funny than romantic... ;)