Anti-Valentine's Day

Amy Cunningham

Do you think Valentine's Day is too commercial? Too sickly sweet? Are you single and lonely? Does it remind you of an ended relationship? Then skip Valentine's Day this year and celebrate your own holiday -- Anti-Valentine's Day!

While many of us have celebrated Anti-Valentine's Day on our own in the past, card companies now celebrate with us! You no longer need to pass by the rows of red and pink knowing that you won't receive a Valentine. Companies like American Greetings are now creating Anti-Valentine's Day cards with sayings such as "Broken hearts of the world unite!". While these cards represent less than 1% of the 2500 Valentine's card designs that American Greetings sells, at least there's something for the rest of us now. In fact, you can even send Anti-Valentine's Day ecards.

If you're looking for more ways to celebrate Anti-Valentine's Day, here are a few ideas:

  1. Throw a party!
    Invite all of your friends over and live it up for the night! Host a casual dinner party and get the laughter flowing with game night afterwards. Both your single friends and couple friends can take part in your anti-valentine game night. If you really want to be anti-valentine, you could bake a red velvet cake for dessert and put crushed conversation hearts on top. ;)

  2. Go out anyway!
    Gather a group of friends and head out for dinner at a local restaurant. You don't need to be part of a couple to have a fun dinner out on Valentine's Day. If you'd rather skip the lines at the restaurants, take in a movie or head to a local comedy club.

  3. Movie Night.
    Have a funny night in! Get takeout from your favorite restaurant, rend a comedy that you haven't seen yet, and spend the night laughing like crazy.

  4. Splurge on yourself!
    Give yourself your own anti-Valentine's Day gift. Skip the flowers and chocolates and instead give yourself a day at the spa, a pedicure, a great book, etc.

  5. Date again.
    If you're so inclined, join an online dating service and find yourself a brand new Valentine!