5 Ways to Celebrate National Hug Week

Amy Cunningham

National Hug Week, celebrated in May, gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy one another in an intimate way often forgotten by couple's as the years go by. This brief, but incredibly intimate gesture, speaks volumes. Here are 5 ways to celebrate hug week this year:

  1. Up the hugging ante. Commit to hugging more this week, including several times every single day.
  2. Try hugging a little differently. Cuddle close in the morning. Wrap here in a bear hug at night. Get intimate with a bit of hugging sans clothing. For more great hugs, check out our list of hug.
  3. Send a hug via email. These super cute hugging ecards from 123greetings are perfect for an email hug in the middle of the day.
  4. Send him hugs via text message. You can go with the traditional XO (the O is the hug) or you can use a hugging emoticon, such as (( )) or (( )):** for hugs and kisses.
  5. Send him a hug poem. You can write in it a romantic card, send it via email, or put it on a post-it on the bathroom mirror. Be sure to add a real hug to it when you see him.