Romantic Ideas to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Amy Cunningham

St. Patty's Day is no longer just for the Irish! Take the time to add a spark of romance and let that special someone know how truly 'lucky' you feel to have them in your life.

  1. This is a common suggestion, but not many couples actually take advantage of it! Pack a picnic lunch, complete with a bottle of wine. Head out to your local park, snag a shady spot under a tree and prepare yourself for an afternoon of romance. After eating, have a little St. Patty's Day fun by searching for four-leaf clovers in the grass. While it may sound cheesy at first, you'll really feel the romantic sparks.

  2. A perfect gift for the perfect lass! Celebrate St. Patrick's Day deliciously with a gift box full of St. Patrick's Day themed berries. These berries are lusciously dipped in dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, almonds, chocolate chips, and green tinted coconut. It's fun and romantic!

  3. Rent a "lucky" movie and have a romantic night at home! Lucky Seven, starring Kimberly Williams-Paisley (from The Tenth Kingdom and Father of the Bride), is a great romantic comedy for St. Patrick's Day. Amy's (Williams-Paisley) mother dies when she is just 7 years old and leaves her with a timeline for her life, including the fact that she will have 6 boyfriends before she meets the 7th, who is "the one". Everything in Amy's life is perfect and she has followed the time line exactly until she meets the perfect guy. The problem is that he is guy number six. In order to keep her perfect time line in tact, Amy seeks out a temporary sixth boyfriend, the bagel guy. She is soon caught between the two men in a hilarious attempt to figure out her life and love.

  4. It's said that the four-leaf clover symbolizes wealth, fame, a faithful lover and good health. Pressed between two layers of glass, this genuine four-leaf clover is surrounded by a polished-aluminum frame and sturdy stand. There is no gift that is more perfect for your lucky love on St. Patrick's Day than this framed genuine four-leaf clover.

  5. Have your sweetie search for his/her own lucky pot o' gold! You can fill a small pot with golden chocolate coins (found at most candy stores) and a love letter inside. You can either leave the pot o'gold out in the open for your sweetie to find or leave clues filled with romantic notions leading them to the end of their rainbow.

  6. We all like to believe that good things come in threes, and we have the Irish to thank for this optimistic motto. The native Irish shamrock with its three leaves is said to represent love, valor and wit. Share your love with your lucky lady by giving a gorgeous Shamrock bracelet.

    If you're looking for other Irish Jewelry, check out Celtic Jeweler where you can get celtic rings and jewelry perfect for that lucky lady in your life.

  7. Kiss me, I'm Irish! Even if you're not Irish, fill your day with lots o'kisses! There's nothing like a good make out session to spark the romance. Shake things up a bit and try out several different kisses. Check out our gallery of kisses submitted by other RomanceStuck visitors.

  8. If you're looking for something for the lucky man in your life, try a Scottish plaid leather flask. It's not St. Pat's without a little whiskey... or a little green. Throw in a set of double wall beer glasses for a little more St. Patty's day fun.

  9. Leave sexy love notes in your sweetie's briefcase/purse with Hershey's Golden Nugget candies attached. Make sure the notes leave sexy hints of the night to come! All you need for the perfect St. Patrick's night is sexy green lingerie and a little bubbly.

  10. Visit a local Irish pub for the evening. Most have special events on St. Patty's Day, which is sure to guarantee a good time. Check your local newspaper or call your local pub to find out their schedule of events.