Romantic Holidays in February

Amy Cunningham

February is generally known for one thing: Valentine's Day. What you didn't know is that there is more to romance in February than just Valentine's Day. In addition to Valentine's Day, February is Wedding Month and plays host to one of our favorite weeks, Flirting Week. Take advantage of this and make sure cupid visits more often than just February 14th.

February 2 - Groundhog Day
You probably think we're crazy because how can Groundhog Day possibly be considered a romantic holidays. Well, we'll tell you. Celebrate the coming of spring together or the lengthy winter still ahead by sleeping in, enjoying breakfast in bed, and watching the groundhog's prediction together. If you're happy with his prediction, celebrate together with a little bedroom fun. If you're not happy with his prediction, mourn together with a little bedroom fun.

February 7 - Send a Card Day
With Valentine's Day just around the corner, surprise your sweetie early with a romantic card today!

February 18 - White T-Shrit Day
This one can get a little sexy. Ladies, put on a white t-shirt, get it wet, then get it on with your sweetie.

February 12 - Freedom to Marry Day
If you're married or engaged, take a moment to reflect and be thankful that you have (or can) find a spouse to marry and spend your life with. In some countries around the world, people to do have the freedom to choose their own spouse or even wed at all. Make a new promise to yourself to not take your spouse or your marriage for granted.

Valentine's Day is no doubt the king of romantic holidays and widely considered to be the most romantic day of the year. It's generally a given that you'll celebrate the day with some sort of romantic gesture or gift. To lessen the pressure of the big day, check out our Valentine's Day guide for inspiration and romantic ideas, plus a gift guide to help you find the most romantic and unique gift.

February 14 - Heart to Heart Day
Since this day share's with Valentine's Day, romance is already in the air. Give your sweetie a heartfelt card or message or have a romantic heart-to-heart chat.

February 15 - Thanks For A Great 'Valentine's Day' Day
We'll dedicate this day to all of the men out there who wrote romantic cards, ordered bouquets of roses, and asked their Valentine's to 'Be Mine?'.

February 15 - Singles Awareness Day
A day for all of those singles out there, so get out and celebrate together!

February 15-21 - Flirting Week
Celebrated during the 3rd week of February, it serves to keep the romance going after Valentine's Day. Flirting in the fun part of romance, so spend this entire week flirting with your partner. It'll rejuvenate your relationship and you'll reap the benefits. Check out our flirting guide for great flirting tips.

February 17 - Random Acts of Kindness Day
Ideally, you perform random acts of kindess throughout the day for strangers, friends, and family. Since we focus on romance though, make sure you perform a few random acts of kindness for your sweetie today. Surprise her by cooking dinner or doing the dishes. Help him out by taking out the trash. Hold the door open, offer a hand and a smile, and say a few kind and loving words.

February 27 - National Strawberry Day
Celebrate with your own home made chocolate dipped strawberries, a known aphrodisiac. Make them together, then feed one another!

February 29 - Leap Day
Since it only happens once every four years, it deserves a little extra attention. Seeing as you have an entire extra day together this year, spend it together!

National Weddings Month
Celebrate wedding month by going to a wedding, renewing your vows, or re-watching your wedding video at home.

Creative Romance Month
The month of February is all about romance, even (gasp) after Valentine's Day! Check out our everyday romance tips to get some great ideas for adding more romance into your every day life.