Romantic Stocking Stuffers

Amy Cunningham

Want to slip something a little sexy in his/her stocking this year? Here are a few great ideas for romantic stocking stuffers.

  1. Free romantic printables, including love coupons and more. You can go sweet or you can go sexy. We've got kiss of the month coupons, BJ of the month coupons, and lots of in between.
  2. A romantic ornament. Check out your local stores and find a heart-shaped ornament, a couple's ornament, or an ornament to celebrate your wedding, anniversary, etc.
  3. Create a hand-made holiday card filled with words of love and romantic holiday wishes.
  4. Massage oils.
  5. Tickets to a movie along with the promise of a romantic date night.
  6. For the more adventurous, slip in a sex toy.
  7. Bubble bath
  8. Candles
  9. A CD of romantic music
  10. Lingerie
  11. Santa themed lingerie
  12. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Just be sure to get the good stuff rather than your standard candy bar
  13. A bottle of sexy perfume or cologne
  14. A romantic movie and snacks for a romantic date night at home
  15. Handmade jewelry
  16. Event tickets for a night out together
  17. Gourmet chocolates
  18. A gift certificate to a spa for a massage or pedicure
  19. A sexy photo of yourself
  20. Edible chocolate body paint
  21. Peppermints and a card detailing how you can use them
  22. Wine
  23. Personalized m&m's
  24. A chocolate rose
  25. Edible candy flowers
  26. Digital photo frames pre-loaded wth photos of you together
  27. Jelly Belly cupid corn
  28. Key, with a tag that says 'Key to my Heart'
  29. A reservation card to a fancy restaurant
  30. Panties
  31. A ring
  32. Condoms
  33. Erotic dice
  34. Tickets for a vacation (plane, cruise, etc)
  35. Gourmet coffee
  36. Anything heart shaped
  37. Pop rocks (for kissing!)
  38. Flavored lubricants
  39. A custom fortune cookie with a romantic message inside
  40. Keys to a new car
  41. Favorite beer
  42. Engraved photo frame
  43. Bath salts
  44. Diamond earrings
  45. Gift certificate for couple's massage
  46. Homemade video on a thumb drive
  47. A 'Do Not Disturb' sign
  48. Engraved flask
  49. Photo book
  50. Best Husband/Wife ever coffee mug