A Romantic Thanksgiving for Two

Amy Cunningham

Thanksgiving generally considered a bustling holiday filled with family and friends gathering together to celebrate all the good in their lives. But, you can have a wonderful -- and somewhat romantic -- Thanksgiving with just two!

Cook dinner together

Pick up a small turkey breast and choose a few traditional sides and have fun cooking your feast together. Eat dinner by candle light and share moments of thanks with one another as you eat.

Skip the dishes.

Instead of cooking at home, skip the dishes and head out to a restaurant for your turkey dinner. Many restaurants offer a traditional Thanksgiving menu without the fuss or hassle of doing it yourself. Skipping the stress will allow you to focus on one another and give thanks for your love.

Join your friends.

If you're yearning for a fuller table, get together with another couple or gather your friends who would otherwise be spending Thanksgiving alone. Make it a pot luck, with everyone sharing the cooking duties.

Get out of town.

Skip the chaos this year and head out of town for some relaxation together. Find an intimate bed & breakfast in a small town and spend the weekend just enjoying one another and being thankful for your love.

Hit the streets.

If you're looking for something fun to do, hit the streets on Thanksgiving morning. If you live in a bigger city, check out the parade. While the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is by far the most famous, many cities offer their own smaller version of fun. If you can't find a local parade, flip on the tv and join in the NYC fun.

Watch a holiday flick.

Ok, this one sounds weird, but if you're feeling a little bored after you've stuffed your belly and napped together, pop a movie into the DVD player. We suggest 'Miracle on 34th Street', a holiday classic that starts out on Thanksgiving and ends with magic and romance. If you want something a little different, check out our list of the top 10 romantic holiday movies for ideas.

Get a jump start on your holiday shopping... for each other!

With black Friday beginning in just a few short hours, now is the time to huddle together and map out your plan. Have fun giving each other gift hints and planning what you'll buy for one another. When you actually hit the stores the next day to shop, buy each other a small gift just to say 'Thanks' for your love.