The 12 Days of Valentine's Day

Amy Cunningham

You've heard of the 12 days of Christmas, but we've spiced it up a bit and turned it into the 12 days of Valentine's. Starting 11 days before Valentine's Day, on February 3rd, follow our guide for 12 incredibly romantic days culminating in the ultimate day of romance, Valentine's Day.

Day 1

Mail 1 Valentine's Day card via postal mail that will truly be postmarked with LOVE.

Day 2

Surprise your partner with 2 heart shaped boxes of chocolates. Attach 2 love notes, 1 to each box.

Day 3

Download 3 love songs that describe your feelings for your partner to their phone. Later on, surprise your partner with a romantic dance to the love songs by candlelight.

Day 4

Send 4 balloons that say, "I Love You" or are heart shaped to your partner's work. You can order these from a local florist, pick them up at a local grocery store, or even order them from an online florist.

Day 5

Surprise your partner with a 5 course homemade candlelight dinner! Add gourmet chocolates (remember, it's an aphrodisiac!) as dessert.

Day 6

Make 6 homemade chocolate covered strawberries. They're delicious and they're an aphrodisiac!

Day 7

Print 7 love coupons for your partner to use over the next few days.

Day 8

Get 8 boxes of Valentine's Day candy conversation hearts. Give your partner a few throughout the day (either whole boxes or individual hearts). Use them to leave your partner love messages everywhere.

Day 9

Give your sweetie 4 small Hershey Kisses, 4 small Hershey Hugs, and 1 giant Hershey Kiss for a total of 9. Attach a note to the big Kiss telling them that this "kiss is the true love expression of the soul".

Day 10

Write your partner a love letter or email with the "Top 10 Reasons I Love You".

Day 11

Tell your partner that you love them 11 different times in 11 different ways.

Day 12

Send 12, one dozen, roses. Even better, sign up for a year of flowers service and get a dozen sent to your partner every single month for a year!