Ways to Say "I Love You"

Those three little words. Everyone longs to hear them and cherishes them when they do... I Love You.

They're so easy to say, yet hold more meaning than any other words in the English language.

From the first time you say "I Love You", it's so easy to get caught up in the words themselves rather than the actual feelings and emotions behind them. Get tips on how and when to say "I Love You" for the first time.

Remember that while the three little words "I Love You" are without a doubt the most important words that you'll every say and hear. Yet, there are so many more ways to say "I Love You" to your partner on a daily basis. Try incorporating some of these 100 different ways into your everyday life.

For something different and special, try saying "I Love You" in a foreign language, a unique take on this frequently expressed emotion. Try a romantic language like French or pick something more uncommon and let it be your "secret" way of saying "I Love You" to one another that only the two of you understand. Check out our list with hundreds of ways to say "I Love You" in a foreign language.

While the words "I Love You" themselves hold so much meaning, people sometimes forget that their actions can express that emotion even stronger than those words. Remember the golden rule - "Actions speak louder than words.". Check out our tips for saying "I Love You" without saying any words -- use romantic gestures, intimate moments, and in your everyday actions.

Your actions and the way you express your love through them are so important, that we've compiled a massive list of romantic ideas to inspire you and spark your romantic imagination. They're all either free or inexpensive ways to show your love, because saying I Love You doesn't mean expensive gifts, dinners, and trips. Check out our list of ways to show your love and start incorporating these ideas into your relationship on a daily basis.

Saying I Love You can be done in so many creative, unique, and romantic ways and practicing this in your relationship on a regular basis will not only make your partner feel love, but it will increase your intimacy and strengthen your bond.

100 Ways to say I Love You

  1. I adore you.
  2. I am infatuated with you.
  3. I appreciate you.
  4. I can't live without you.
  5. I can't stop thinking about you when we're apart.
  6. I cherish you.
  7. I dream of you.
  8. I live for our love.
  9. I love being around you.
  10. I need you by my side.
  11. I need you.
  12. I respect you.
  13. I value you.
  14. I want a lifetime with you.
  15. I want you.
  16. I worship you.
  17. I yearn for you.
  18. I'm a better person because of you.
  19. I'm blessed to have you in my life.
  20. I'm devoted to you.
  21. I'm fond of you.
  22. I'm lost without you.
  23. I'm nothing without you.
  24. I'm passionate about you.
  25. I'm thankful for you.
  26. I'm yours.
  27. Me and you. Always.
  28. My love is unconditional.
  29. Our love is invaluable.
  30. Take me, I'm yours.
  31. The thought of you brings a smile to my face.
  32. Ti tengu cara (to female) or Ti tengu caru (to male).
  33. Together, forever.
  34. We were meant to be together.
  35. You are a blessing in disguise.
  36. You are an angel from God.
  37. You are like a candle burning bright.
  38. You are my crush.
  39. You are my dear.
  40. You are my everything.
  41. You are my heart's desire.
  42. You are my life.
  43. You are my one and only.
  44. You are my one true love.
  45. You are my reason for living.
  46. You are my strength.
  47. You are my sunshine.
  48. You are my treasure.
  49. You are my world.
  50. You are precious.
  51. You are the light of my life.
  52. You are the reason I'm alive.
  53. You bring happiness to rainy days.
  54. You bring joy to my life.
  55. You cast a spell on me that can't be broken.
  56. You complete me.
  57. You drive me wild.
  58. You fill me with desire.
  59. You fill my heart.
  60. You give me wings to fly.
  61. You had me from hello.
  62. You hold the key to my heart.
  63. You inspire me.
  64. You intoxicate me.
  65. You lift me up to touch the sky.
  66. You light my flame.
  67. You light up my life.
  68. You make me hot.
  69. You make my heart skip a beat.
  70. You make my world a better place.
  71. You mean the world to me.
  72. You motivate me.
  73. You rock my world.
  74. You seduce me.
  75. You set my heart on fire.
  76. You simply amaze me.
  77. You stole my heart.
  78. You sweeten my sour days.
  79. You turn my world upside down.
  80. You turn the darkness into light.
  81. You're a dream come true.
  82. You're a gem.
  83. You're a twinkle in my eye.
  84. You're absolutely wonderful.
  85. You're all I want.
  86. You're as beautiful as a sunset.
  87. You're beautiful.
  88. You're charming.
  89. You're enchanting.
  90. You're heavenly.
  91. You're my angel.
  92. You're my perfect match.
  93. You're one in a million.
  94. You're priceless.
  95. You're sexy.
  96. You're the apple of my eye.
  97. You're the best thing that ever happened to me.
  98. You're the best.
  99. You're the diamond in the rough.
  100. You're the one for me.
  101. You're the one I've always wished for.