Sending Romantic Text Messages

Amy Cunningham

There is no need to pass love notes with a check yes or no note like you did in 3rd grade. Now you can send your sweetie a romantic text message via your cell phone. Text messages are short messages that are sent via your cell phone to another person's cell phone. In order to use text messaging, you first need to make sure that your cellular provider offers this service.

Text messages allow you to show your feelings in a new, high-tech way at any time from anywhere! Here are some ideas for text messages to send to your partner:

  • Send xxxx's (representing hugs) and oooo's (representing kisses) or xoxo (representing hugs and kisses).
  • Send emoticons, such as smiley's :), kisses :*, or winks ;)
  • Send surprise messages that they're not expecting.
  • Send flirty, sexy messages.
  • Send romantic messages, such as "You're still the one".
  • Send a simple "I love you".
  • Send suggestive messages, such as "Looking forward to tonight..."
  • Take it one step further and send a picture (a picture can say a thousand words) such as you blowing a kiss to your partner or a romantic setting like a candlelit table for a romantic dinner that evening or a rose petal covered bed.

Text messages can be a fun, flirty way to communicate, just keep the following guidelines in mind:

  1. Don't over-analyze text messages as you can end up reading between the lines or taking messages in a different way than how they were intended.
  2. Don't send too many messages when you're in a newer relationship. The receiver may take it to mean that you're overpowering.
  3. Do make sure that you're sending your message to the correct person! You'd be surprised how easy it is to send to the wrong person (how embarrassing) with just one touch of a wrong key.
  4. Don't send messages when your partner shouldn't receive them, such as during important business meetings or late at night when they're likely asleep (unless you know that it won't disturb them because it is nice to wake up to a romantic text message).
  5. Don't send messages that are too sexy until you're sure that your partner is ready.
  6. Do recognize when it's time to turn a text into an actual phone call.
  7. Don't be too geeky with your use of text messages, such as the terms you use, etc. unless you're sure your partner is on the same wavelength.