Marriage Omens

So you want a little insight into your upcoming marriage? We've got it! Check out these popular marriage omens from around the world.

They say you know you will be married soon when...

  • A chicken enters your house with a straw in its mouth, which it leaves behind.
  • A cow moos during the night.
  • A mockingbird flies over your house.
  • A spider descends from the ceiling and 'dances' up and down.
  • A white dove comes near your house.

They say your marriage will be a happy one if...

  • A cat sneezes in front of you or your bride on the day before you are married.
  • A flock of white birds flies directly over you on your way to the wedding ceremony.
  • A new dime is put in the bride's left shoe just before she walks down the aisle.
  • A ray of sunshine falls on you as you leave the church.
  • A spider is found crawling on the bride's wedding dress before the two of you are married.
  • Either of you dreams about your wedding day.
  • It snows on the day of your wedding.
  • Orange blossoms are used in your wedding decorations (they bring good fortune, since - according to ancient custom - they represent innocence, purity, lasting love, and fertility).
  • The bride cries on her wedding day (it means she has cried all her tears away).
  • The bride has her hair done, her veil put on, by a happily married woman just before the wedding.
  • The bride wears earrings during the marriage ceremony.
  • The bridesgroom carries a horseshoe in his pocket during the wedding (a miniature one will do).
  • You are married in the afternoon.
  • You are married on a beautiful day, as rainy weather forecasts a stormy marriage.
  • You both step into, and leave, the church with your right foot first.
  • You carry a pinch of salt to the church (it will chase away evil spirits).
  • You carry bread in your pocket on your wedding day and throw it away, which represents you throwing away your troubles, or if you give it to someone who is hungry, which forecasts good fortune during your marriage, because of your generosity.
  • You feed a cat out of one of your shoes just before you are married.
  • You marry in June, since "married in the month of June, life will be one honeymoon"
  • You see a lamb or a dove on the way to the church.
  • Your wedding ceremony lasts between half an hour and an hour (the rising hand of the clock denotes rising fortune)
  • Your wedding ceremony starts on the half hour.

They say your marriage will go sour if you...

  • Get married during Lent.
  • Get married in a church with bats (if one flies over you during the ceremony, it will bring you both bad luck).
  • Get married on your birthday.
  • Get married to someone born in the same month as you
  • Let the bride wear pearls on your wedding day (each pearly representing a tear she will shed during the marriage).
  • Let the groom see the bride in her bridal dress before your wedding ceremony.
  • Postpone your wedding (old customs believed that one of you would die shortly if you did this).