The Meaning of Black Roses

Amy Cunningham
Meaning: death of old habits, renewal of spirit

While no true black rose exists in nature (or any other black flower for that matter), many florists produce the unique black rose through a dying process. However, there are also some deep red shades of roses that have such a deep color that they are interpreted as black.

Should you give black roses? Black roses may seem mysterious and elegant, but definitely be cautious when giving them as a romantic gesture. Black roses are sometimes sent as a gesture to end a relationship. While the meaning of the black rose is actually renewal, it's not often seen that way when it comes to a relationship, particularly new relationships. Most people tend to associate the color with "death" or in a romantic situation "death of a relationship". If you do send black roses, make sure that the recipient won't interpret it this way, unless that is your intention. Sometimes giving just a single black rose can symbolize a mysterious and powerful romance.

In fact, unless your sweetie has a sense of humor, loves the color black, or the color has some sort of special meaning to you both, we recommend not sending a black rose at all. One other exception may be sending them as a Halloween gift - perhaps a single black rose when you pick her up for a costume party - as black's the traditional 'spooky' color of the holiday.