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At RomanceStuck our goal is simple: to help you find love and stay in love!, one of the most popular online resources for love and romance, offers users unique mix of support and advice for relationship problems, along with fun and creative tools to spice up their romance.

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RomanceStuck Highlights

  • is regularly in the top 10 results for romantic ideas, marriage proposals and engagement, love horoscope, anniversary ideas, and more.
  • One of the top online resource for romantic gift giving holidays including Valentine's Day, Sweetest Day, anniversaries, and more!
  • Over 1,000,000 views monthly.
  • More than one third of our readers are active with submitting ideas, comments, or posting on our forums.
  • Our readers actively buy! The majority of our readers come in search of unique ways to spice up their relationship with romantic ideas and gifts.
  • Our readers actively refer their friends to the site via our refer-a-friend service and many send gift ideas as well.

Visitor Snapshot

  • 58% ages 18-34
  • 56% Female, 44% Male
  • 57% College educated
  • 52% have annual household income of $60,000+
  • 54% have children ages 6-17 in the household
  • 64% from the United States

What Our Users Are Saying

Thank you so much for your wonderful newsletter! It's so useful. Love and happiness. This is the secret. ~ S. Wagner

Your newsletters are fantastic! Thanks for sending out such a wonderful email. - S. Pari

I love funny stuff and your pickup lines are simply the best! - J. Grant

Thanks for all the cool tips! - A.K.

This is the best site ever. It has helped me a lot. Now I know that our relationship is going to be great! THANKS! - L.G

I really like your website, especially the games! - Andrea

This website has changed my life. I use these all the time and I've been so successful. Usually I can't keep a man but I've been with the same guy now for 2 years and he is awesome and he loves how creative I am with telling him I feel about him. Thanks so much to the creators of this website. - Alexa

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