155 Types of Kisses and Their Meanings

    Back Kiss

  • Remove your partner's shirt and have them lay down on their stomach. Sit comfortably over your partner's lower back and start kissing from their neck all the way down their back while softly licking and breathing where you have kissed. This will give your partner cold shivers and it is very exciting and sensual.

    Meaning: This can feel really good and provide a reason to get you to take your shirt off. Don't be surprised if they try to get you to roll over at some point. If you are into it, after several back kisses, roll over and say, "my front could really use kissing too."
  • Cheek Kiss

  • This kiss is often the preferred kiss for a first date or early on in a new relationship. With your hands on your partner's shoulders, gently brush your lips across their cheek.

    Meaning: A friendly kiss saying, "I really like you".
  • French Kiss

  • This is an erotic kiss that involves the tongue. Some call this the "Soul Kiss" because the soul is thought to pass between 2 people when their tongues touch. Check out our guide on how to French kiss.

    Meaning: An intimate kiss meaning "I love you". The French kiss is the "red rose" of kisses.
  • Shoulder Kiss

  • Simply come from behind, embrace her, and kiss the top of her shoulder. This is a sensual, loving kiss.

    Meaning: This can be a test to see if you are interested in having sex. If you softly moan, lean your head to the side exposing your neck, or lean back against the person kissing your shoulder then it should give the hint that you want to do more.
  • Angel Kiss

  • Gently and ever so lightly kiss your partner either on their eyelid or right next to their eyes.

    Meaning: A sweet and comforting kiss that shows you care about your partner and you want to protect them like their guardian angel.
  • Angel's Wings Kiss

  • Take a piece of ice and place it on the small of their back. Using your mouth, slowly move the ice up their back to their shoulder blades. End the kiss by gently sucking on the ice until it melts.

    Meaning: A sensual and romantic kiss that says your partner sees you as an angel.
  • Australian Kiss

  • This kiss is like a French kiss, but down under.

    Meaning: Your partner is totally focused on pleasuring you.
  • Belly Kiss

  • Get down on one knee. Softly lift your partner's shirt revealing a little bit of their belly. Then kiss what is revealed. This kiss can lead to much more.

    Meaning: A fun, yet sweet way to see if your partner wants to get more intimate.
  • Bubble Bath Kiss

  • Fill the bathtub with water and tons of bubble bath. While in the tub together, wash and kiss each other at the same time. You and your partner will both love it and it can lead to even more fun things.

    Meaning: A clean kiss for those that want to get dirty together.