Love Crafts and Projects

Amy Cunningham

Love crafts are a great way for you to enjoy an activity together or a way to give a completely unique and customized gift from the heart. If you're not a crafty person, don't worry. The most important thing to remember is that these are gifts from the heart. You're putting your heart into this, which makes it that much more special. As you're creating your romantic craft project, be creative. Always keep your partner in the back of your mind and think about how you can really customize this gift to them and your love for them.

Here are a few great love craft ideas to get you started:

Love Collage
This romantic quickie is for the creative and the budget minded. Collect magazines from around your house and cut out words and images that describe your love and relationship. Put the pictures and words together on cardboard picture frame backing and then put the frame over the final product.

Love Bookmarks
Simple and easy to make, these little love bookmarks are perfect for surprising your avid reader with a little love message. Simply cut construction paper or poster board into 6x1 inch strips. Use a romantic rubber stamp in a heart shape at the top and a few words of love to the bottom. Women, want to make sexy bookmarks for your man? Put on a dark lipstick and kiss the top of each bookmark leaving your lip prints. Add a sexy note to the bottom telling him what he can expect later.

You can also make love bookmarks using software such as Microsoft Word. Some software packages have templates available. In others, you can simply create a table the size of the bookmark, then use romantic clipart on the bookmarks along with romantic love quotes.

Love Coupons
What's cheaper - or easier - than creating a romantic book of love coupons. You can buy ready to make business cards at any office store. Add stickers and markers and you have a quick romantic gift. If you want to get a little more techie, create the coupons using software such as Microsoft office. Simply use their business card template, add some clipart and your coupon offer, and print.

If you want to make it even easier, try our free printable love coupons. Simply print them out on your printer, cut, and staple them together to make a little booklet for your sweetie. You can also create custom love coupons with our eLoveCoupon creator.

If you're feeling especially creative, try making a custom necklace or bracelet for your girlfriend or wife. You can purchase the supplies at any local craft store. Surprisingly, these are quite easy to make and they're a great gift idea because you can customize them to your sweetie. For a really unique jewelry idea, check out our Shrinky Dink charm bracelets.

A romantic scrapbook is the perfect way of saying 'I Love You' while documenting your relationship. You can create a scrapbook for any occasion: engagement, wedding, anniversary, or just because. Add photos, love quotes, romantic memories, thoughts and feelings about your partner, lipstick kisses, postcards, etc. For more info on romantic scrapbooks, check out our entire romantic scrapbook section.

Custom Cartoons
Even if you can't draw, give this a try! Draw 3x3 inch boxes and create a romantic cartoon acting out a romantic situation (possibly one that you want to occur that evening?). If you can't draw, use stick figures! If you're tech savvy, try creating it using any word processing software. Use romantic clipart from around the web to add images.

The word sounds scary, but it's actually quite easy! Decoupage as a craft is simply using various papers and a special glue to create gorgeous crafts. Supplies can be purchased at any local craft store. Collect some romantic wrapping papers or tissue papers along with the decoupage glue. Start by ripping the papers into various sizes and shapes. You can then use these papers to decoupage a vase (to be filled with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers), a photo frame, or a box (to fill with candy or other romantic gift).

This project can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be. For a quick romantic craft project, purchase a mosaic stone stepping kit from your local craft store. You can create your own garden stepping stone in no time. Use the tiles to make an image that represents the two of you as a couple or something as simple as a heart with your initials in it. When you're finished, put the stepping stone in your garden to remind you of your continuously growing love.

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