Dating Scrapbooks

Amy Cunningham

Create your dating scrapbook to remember those special times.

Dating Topics

Dating is that period time where we go from awkward to comfortable. There are so many "firsts" and new experiences getting to know your partner. Creating a scrapbook album about this time will preserve those special memories of your relationship beginnings.

  1. How you met. Was it fate? Online dating? Blind date? Setup by friends?
  2. First Impressions. What did you think of your partner? Was it love at first sight or a reluctant date acceptance?
  3. First Date. Who asked who out? Where did you go? What did you do? Where you nervous? Did it go smoothly? How did you feel when it was over? How soon did you go out again?
  4. First Kiss. Where and when did it happen? Did you have butterflies in your stomach?
  5. I Love You. Who said it first? When? How?
  6. Dating Scenes. What are some of the things that remind you of your dating times? Movies? Songs? Places?
  7. Love Letters. Poetry. Cards. Did you get anything from your partner that really touched your heart?
Using Mementos

Many of us have few photos of our dating times, but often have a box of mementos such as love letters, ticket stubs, cards, dried flowers, etc. Use these mementos to fill in the gaps that your pictures leave behind. Focus your pages on writing about your feelings, thoughts, and experiences.

Remember to keep mementos off of your photos. Either place them in acid free keepsake envelopes on the page or spray with Archival Mist to neutralize the acidity.

Now it's time to get organized!

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