Marriage and Anniversary Scrapbooks

Amy Cunningham

Create a romantic anniversary scrapbook as a gift for your spouse filled with love and mementos from your years together. Another idea is to create one anniversary scrapbook that you add entries to on each anniversary year after year, keeping a record of your years together in one book.

Marriage and Anniversary Topics

So now you've moved on to 'Happily-ever-after'. Marriage is a continuous adventure throughout life and a scrapbook is a wonderful place to document your relationships changes and growth over the years.

  1. The Meaning of Marriage. What does marriage mean to you? How did feel to go from single to married? How has marriage changed you?
  2. Your Name. Did you take your husbands name or keep your own? Why did you do what you did?
  3. The Spark. What do you do to keep the romance going? How do you keep the spark? Do you have a date night?
  4. Husband and Wife. What does it mean to you to to be a husband or wife? What role did you take on? How has it changed you?
  5. Your Lives. How have you adjusted to life together? What have you compromised on? Is married life what you expected?
  6. Memories. What are your favorite memories of the two of since the wedding?
  7. Renewing Your Vows. Have you considered doing this or already done this? Describe the experience and feelings.
  8. Starting a Family. When did you decide to do it? How did it affect your relationship?
  9. Then and Now. How have you changed over the years?
  10. The Honeymoon. Where did you go? How did you decide where to go? What preparations were there?
  11. Your Spouse What are your favorite things about your spouse? What drives you crazy?
  12. Trials and Tribulations What hardships have you dealt with in your marriage? How did you come together? Did it make you stronger?
  13. Traditions What traditions of your own have you started? Sunday breakfast together? Friday date nights?
  14. Hopes and Dreams Describe your hopes and dreams for your future together.

Life has a way of throwing things at you. With so many things happening on a day to day basis, it's good to jot down those special moments together. You and your husband are the core of your family. Always take time to record the small moments that you make your relationship what it is.

Now it's time to get organized!

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