How to Write a Love Letter Plus Sample Love Letters

A love letter is one of the simplest and most cherished ways of telling and showing your partner how you feel about them. While it may seem like a daunting task, especially for non-writers, it's much easier than you think! Follow the steps below to write your loved one an incredibly romantic love letter today.

1. Use Stationery

We recommend going traditional here as there's nothing more romantic than a classic, hand-written love letter on delicate stationery. By stationery, we don't mean grab a piece of paper from the printer or construction paper from your kid's room. While this will work if you have no other option, we recommend going with a quality paper. If you want a truly memorable and romantic love letter, try making your own aged paper! If you do head to the store, pick out something delicate and classic. While you're at it, pick up a good quality pen...

Should it be handwritten or typed? We prefer the personalized touch of a handwritten love letter and highly recommend you go with this method for the added touch of intimacy. A good quality pen (stick with black ink) will improve your penmanship, but you can add flair with a calligraphy pen. If you don't know calligraphy, but would like to try it, look for a great beginner's calligraphy guide, such as the one at It may take a little longer, but it will make your letter that much more romantic.

While we would discourage you from typing your letter, if you truly hate your penmanship or feel you'll make too many errors, go ahead and type it. A handwritten love letter creates a level of intimacy and romance that iss unachievable through your computer. Regardless of the presentation that you choose, in the end, it's the content of the love letter that really matters.

The same applies to other delivery methods as well. While we recommend going the traditional route of pen-to-paper, it's not absolutely necessary. You can write a love letter via email or post it on your loved one's Facebook wall if you'd like and it can still be very romantic and heartfelt.

2. Start with an Intimate Salutation

The salutation is their "first impression", so make sure you use something other than the standard "Dear (name)"! Here are a few suggestions:

  • To my beloved,
  • Dearest (name),
  • My lovely (name),
  • My dear wife (name),

The point is to tap into your feelings and address your partner in a sincere, but intimately romantic way.

3. Write, Write, Write!

Now it's time to get to the love letter itself. The key is to be detailed, intimate, and romantic.

If you find yourself at a loss for words, read these sample love letters to provide you with help and inspiration.

Here are a few suggestions of things you may want to include in your love letter:

Moving Moments

Think of those times in your relationship that were truly memorable and write about the events in detail, describing why they moved you, what made them special, how they made you feel about your partner, and how they changed your relationship. Include emotional and physical feelings that you experienced and how they affected you and your relationship.

What You Love About Them and How They Make You Feel

Flatter your partner with a few mentions of the traits that you love the most about them or ways they make you a better person. I'd recommend focusing on the traits that really define your partner. Are they caring and compassionate? Are they kind and sensitive? Does their smile brighten your day? Does their sense of humor always make you laugh? How do you feel when you look at them? How do you feel when you hold their hand or pull them in for a kiss?

While I don't discourage mentioning things such as looks (everyone wants to know that their partner finds them attractive!), be sure to add it in the mix rather than focusing on it exclusively (and vice versa with focusing too much on personality or how they make you feel). You can even include some sensual feelings (men especially love this!), but try not to go overboard or get too erotic. Try to keep it balanced.

Your Future Together

Include a few comments about your future together, what you're looking forward to, things you want to do together, dreams you want to fulfill together, etc. Giving your partner insight into goals and dreams that you hold for you as a couple will make them feel loved, cherished, and will express to them that they are an important part of your future.

If you haven't been together for long time, keep this a little lighter and instead let your boyfriend or girlfriend know how excited you are to see them again, how you feel when you're apart, and things you want to do together in the foreseeable future.

4. End with an Intimate Signature

Sign the letter with something more than just your name such as:

  • Yours,
  • Yours forever,
  • Love always and forever,
  • Infinitely yours,

End with your name or pet name that your significant other always calls you.

5. Include a P.S.

Leave them with one last thought, something to linger on, remember, or ponder. It could be as simple as another "I love you", something silly like an inside joke, or even some XXX's and OOOO's (hugs and kisses).

6. Add a Personal Touch

Put on your favorite lipstick and kiss the paper next to your signature or add a quick spritz of the cologne/perfume that your partner loves when you wear. You could even add some glitter to the envelope or try something a little fancy with the envelope like a wax seal or perhaps a stamp that holds a special meaning.

7. Sealed With A Kiss (SWAK)!

It's time to seal it with a kiss and put it in the mail. Sure you could slip it in your partner's purse or surprise them with it in their car, or even email it. However, we prefer the classic snail mail version and find it much more romantic to open a beautiful love letter that's arrived via postal mail.

Put your letter in a matching envelope (remember that pretty stationery?) and add a personal touch to the outside such as a lipstick kiss over the sealed portion, a simple "I love you", or a mysterious "From your secret admirer" (even though they'll discover your identity when they open the letter!)

If you decide against mailing your love letter, try rolling it up like a scroll and tying a pretty ribbon around it. Then slip it in some personal location such as your partner's pillow to find before bed or their wallet/purse to find the next day.

Sample Love Letters

Love Letter #1

My Dearest,

I love you more than I could ever say in a few words. I long to be near you as I feel safer in your arms than anywhere else in this world. You are the most incredible thing that has ever happened in my life and I treasure you more than you know. When I look into your eyes, my dear, I am lost in a world of magic. I love you. I love you each and every day. I love you more than words can say.

Yours forever,

Love Letter #2

My dear (name),

I love so much about you. I love the way you laugh. I love the way you make me feel giddy inside with just your smile. I even love the way you make me angry, though I'm not quite sure why. Perhaps it's the way you try to fix things and make our relationship better and stronger. I am so in love with you that not a minute goes by without the thought of you passing through my mind. While I know it's not possible, I long to spend all of my time in your arms.

You have turned me into myself by helping me discover who I truly am inside, which is something that no one before you has done. I've always felt changed with others but with you, I am me! You have allowed me to open my heart, without fear, hurt, or anguish. You have allowed me to trust again, both in love and in life. You have allowed me to smile and be happy. You have allowed me to laugh and enjoy the simple moments in like. And for these reasons, I love you. I will forever cherish our moments and memories and look forward to the many more that will come our way.

Yours Always,

Love Letter #3

I Love You.

It may sound like a simple I Love You, but it's so much more than that.

I love every little thing about you.

I love your sexy smile. I love your gorgeous blue eyes that melt my soul. When I look into them, I see magic, comfort, and love. I love your gentle touch and the warmth I feel in your arms. I love thinking about you and dreaming about you. I love discovering ourselves together. I love the intimacy with you and letting go with you. I love each and every moment and memory we share, for they are all once-in-a-lifetime moments.

I Love You.

Today, tomorrow, and forever,

Love Letter #4

To my dearest husband,

It's difficult to sit down and put my thoughts and feelings on paper, even though my heart is overflowing. I think back to our wedding day and those vows we made to one another. Through the years, we've had trials and tribulations, but we've remained strong and true to those very vows. We've built a life and a home full of love, happiness, and laughter. While we may continue to face difficult times, we remain strong in our love and trust for one another and the family we've created. I think of the moment I saw you standing there, waiting for me at the end of the aisle often. Your nervous smile, your steady hand held out to take mine in it. You are my rock.

Things may be difficult right now, but without you, I would never make it through. When I'm feeling down, your smile cheers me up. When I feel like crying, your jokes and laughs wash the tears away. The magic of your smile and the steadiness of your hand carry me through, just as they did on our wedding day 11 years ago.

We will make it through. I love you.

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow too.


Love Letter #5

My Dear (name),

While I have a difficult time putting my emotions on a sleeve, I feel it's so very important to express how much you really mean to me.

I long to say this in person, with you holding me tightly in your arms and gazing into your mesmerizing eyes, but unfortunately, I am unable to do so. Because we are separated by these thousands of miles of nothingness and emptiness, my expression of love for you will come in the form of letters, such as this.

It is so very difficult to be separated from you, even for a day, and I know that you feel the same. Life and love appear to be full of trials such as these. Perhaps they will make us and our relationship stronger? They test our inner strength, our very core, our love and devotion. We'll continue to hold strong and build despite the distance. It's said that true love is boundless and immeasurable and, in its purest form, overcomes all forms of adversity. While I know this to be true, I also know that when genuine, it grows stronger and steadier as it does for us.

While our love has been tested by this distance, I know that what we have remains true and unbroken. The longer I am away from you, the more I yearn for you. I want to be in your arms and lost in your eyes. I cherish each and every thought of you, each memory that flashes through my mind, and each dream that floats through at night while I sleep. I live for the day when we are together again and for the day when we never part. Until that day arrives, know that I love you. Across these desolate miles, I send my love, my warm embrace, the comfort of my soul, and my tender, yet passionate kiss.

I'm yours,

Love Letter #6

To my beloved,

All my life I've wished for love this true.
I cherish every moment I have with you.
When you're near I can't help but smile
Because you are my reason for survival.
If I ever lost you I'd cry a river,
Just the thought of it makes me quiver.
When we are alone together,
I wish I could stop the time and live in that moment forever.
A thousand words could not express the feelings I have inside for you.
Please say you feel it too.

Infinitely yours,