Romantic Love Poems

Whether you're looking for a romantic love poem to send to your sweetie or romantic inspiration, you'll find it with these, both famous and those submitted by our readers.

Sending a love poem, whether it be on a note in his briefcase or a card on her birthday, is a great way to express your emotions to the one you love. Learn how to write a love poem in 8 easy steps.

While we list many love poems that our users submitted, we strongly recommend using them more as inspiration in writing your own love poems. No one can express your feelings for your significant other as well as you and everyone appreciates when their loved one takes their time to describe the love they're feeling. Often, reading through others love poems will spark your creativity and provide you inspiration to express your own feelings and emotions on paper.

Browse our collection of user submitted romantic love poems below or check out our collection of famous love poems for even more inspiration!

Famous Love Poems

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