What's Your Communication Style?

Do you scream and yell or are you calm, cool, and collected? Discover your communication style and tips on how to improve your relationship communication.

1. When on a date, do you...?
Listen more
Talk more
Listen & talk equally

2. When your partner comes home after a hard day at work and starts to tell you about their day, do you...?
Listen sympathetically
Apologize and offer a hug
Pretend to listen while tuning them out

3. When you get in a fight, you...?
Try to work things out rationally
Scream and yell
Apologize, even if it wasn't your fault

4. When engaging in a heated conversation, do you...?
Look your partner in the eye
Look away often or stare at your lap
Stare your partner down or narrow your eyes

5. While arguing, do you...?
Use "you" statements such as "You always" or "You never"
Use "I" statements such as "I feel this way because..."

6. Do you feel that you are...?
A good balance

7. Do you use the terms "always" and "never" when arguing (ie. "You never do this right" or "You always do this wrong")?
Never, because I want to keep the peace
Always, because I want to win the argument
On occasion, but I try not to

8. In a relationship, do you feel ...?

9. When talking or arguing, is your voice...?
Soft, even inaudible at points
Loud, sometimes even yelling
Firm, but not loud

10. When it comes to yours and your partner's feelings, do you...?
Always consider your feelings equally
Always put your partners feelings ahead of your own
Always put your own feelings ahead of your partners