What's Your Flirting Style?

Are you a winking wonder or a flirting folly? Take the quiz and discover your inner flirt.

1. If you see a cute guy/girl in a bar, what do you do?
Nothing, you're too nervous
Smile suggestively, then let them make the next move
Wink, then walk on over

2. If a cute guy/girl approaches you in a bar, what do you do?
Say hello, but continue talking to your friends
Smile and invite him to sit down
Offer them a mint without making a big deal of it

3. If a car full of guys/girls honks at you, do you...?
Ignore the honks
Smile and wave
Whistle back and shake your booty

4. When walking up to someone you find attractive, do you...?
Walk the same way you always do
Add a little sway of the hips or a puff of the chest
Look them directly in the eyes as you walk towards them, sashaying across the room

5. When your date tells a joke, do you ...?
Simply smile
Giggle/laugh and smile
Giggle/laugh and touch his or her arm

6. During a conversation with the opposite sex, do you...?
Look down or away often
Looking your date in the eye, glancing around occasionally
Keep your eyes locked

7. During a conversation with your date, do you...?
Keep your hands to yourself
Brush hands, but nothing more
Lightly touch their knee, arm, or cheek

8. While on a dinner date, do you ...?
Slouch down or hunch over
Cross your legs and get comfortable
Lean forward with your chest out

9. When kissing, do you...?
Sit across from one another at a table
Sit next to each other, but keep your distance
Get close up!

10. When engaging in conversation with someone who has approached you, do you...?
Stick to small talk, such as the weather
Ask a few personal questions, but nothing too deep
Listen and talk, after all, it's about balance