Are you a good kisser?

From cheek to lips... how do you rate on the kissing scale?

1. A first kiss should be... ?
 Close your eyes and hope for the best
 Keep it light and gentle
 Make it as passionate as possible
 Make sure the tongue is involved

2. If your date had bad breath, what would you do?
 Cringe and end the make-out session
 Ask them to brush their teeth before you continue
 Offer them a mint without making a big deal of it
 Joke that they must have eaten garlic at lunch, then continue

3. If your date hinted that you had bad breath, what would you do?
 Keep kissing
 Take a break and slip a mint in your mouth
 Take a bathroom break to brush your teeth or use a breath freshener
 Use a breath spray right then and there and keep kissing

4. If your partner was a bad kisser, what would you do?
 Nothing, because you're not so great yourself
 Gently guide them without saying anything
 Tell them what you like
 Take the lead, you've got a few things to teach them

5. What's your normal kissing style?
 Light and quick with no tongue
 Gentle with soft kisses
 Romantic with tender caresses
 Passionate with lots of tongue and groping

6. French kissing is...?
 Ok, but you're more comfortable sticking to the lips
 An intimate, passionate kiss
 An invitation to sex

7. What do you do with your hands while kissing?
 Nothing, I just keep them at my side
 Gently caress my partner, but don't go too far
 Depends on the kiss, but your hands are always moving
 Can't keep them still, you're a groper

8. After kissing a date for the first time, they usually...?
 Lean in to keep kissing
 Sit in stunned silence

9. When kissing, do you...?
 Stick to the lips and keep your mouth closed
 Explore your partner's mouth
 Kiss their lips, ear lobe, neck, and shoulders
 Kiss, lick, and bite - the entire body is free game

10. Which of the following kissing statements describes you?
 Kissing makes me nervous or anxious
 I enjoy kissing, but tend to follow my partner's lead
 Kissing is give and take between me and my partner
 I like to get adventurous with kissing and try new things