TV Love Quotes

A collection of romantic TV quotes from various television shows and sitcoms.

  1. And if you ever decided to leave me I would go and find you and bring you home because you would be wrong.
    -- "Mad About You"
  2. We should all be so lucky to have someone who will never let us go. The ultimate legacy is to leave behind someone who will love you forever.
    -- "Ally McBeal"
  3. To love someone, when there is no chance of that love ever thriving, that is romance.
    -- "Dawson's Creek"
  4. How do you explain the things you love? You can't. You just do.
    -- "Dawson's Creek"
  5. I always say that there is no greater act of courage than to be the one who kisses first.
    -- "Mad About You"
  6. You don't get to choose. You just fall in love. And you get this person who is all wrong and all right at the same time. And you know you love them so much except sometimes they just drive you completely insane and no one can explain it. And the reason it's so confusing is because it's love. But if love didn't have any challenges, what would be the point?
    -- "Party of Five"
  7. All our young lives we search for someone to love,
    someone who makes us complete.
    We chose partners and change partners.
    We dance to a song of heartbreak and hope
    all the while wondering if somewhere and somehow
    there is someone searching for us.
    -- "The Wonder Years"
  8. Happiness is anyone and anything at all, that's loved by you.
    -- "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown"
  9. Love is never having to say "I Love You".
    -- "The Brak Show"
  10. It's just one day. And what's one day compared to every day of being married to you. [Referring to forgetting an anniversary.]
    -- "Ghost Whisperer"
  11. Love is difficult. For one human being to love another human being, that is the most difficult task that has been entrusted to us; the final test and proof; the work for which all other work is merely preparation.
    -- "Brothers & Sisters"
  12. There are no shortcuts, in life or in love. This pain must be felt. The alternative is much worse. It's what makes us special, what makes us beautiful, what, what makes us worthy; the pain of how we love. But that pain is accompanied by something else, isn't it? Hope. With your pain, there is hope. And that is where you are. Somewhere between agony and optimism and prayer. So you're human. You're alive. And that is what we have.
    -- "Brothers & Sisters"
  13. You make everything feel possible. You make me possible.
    -- "Brothers & Sisters"
  14. I'm not finished loving you.
    -- Grey's Anatomy
  15. It is a love based of giving and receiving as well as having and sharing. And the love that they give and have is shared and received. And through this having and giving and sharing and receiving, we too can share and love and have... and receive.
    -- Joey on Friends
  16. Nothing makes sense in this world.
    It's a mystery how anything happens.
    But it's what we do about it that counts
    How you both met, that was fate.
    But that doesn't mean that it was easy
    and a lot of things came between you and your love.
    But use your faith in each otherand in the future
    and that's what I'd like to toast.
    To trusting that the end is worth it...
    and never letting go of its promise.
    -- Kevin Walker, "Brothers & Sisters"