Top 10 Love Message to Leave at Home

Amy Cunningham

You may not be Casanova, but one of the most appreciated romantic gestures is to leave love notes around the house for your sweetie to find. Here is a collection of ideas for leaving love notes around your house:

  1. In lipstick on the bathroom mirror. Pick a bright red shade and women, be sure to leave lip marks as well!

  2. Sticky notes all over the house. Buy a pack of post-it notes and use our love quotes section to put notes of love all around your house for your sweetie to discover.

  3. Spelled out in rose petals on the bed. You can get fresh rose petals in one solid color or in multiple colors at Pick a Petal.

  4. With magnetic poetry magnets on the refrigerator. With multiple magnetic poetry kits, this can be as sexy or romantic as you want. Magnetic Poetry now has three different kits: The Love Edition, The Romance Edition, and The Erotic Edition.

  5. Leave a love message on the answering machine. It's always nice to come home to a message saying "I Love You" and "I was just thinking about you."

  6. Create a 'message in a bottle' Write a note, put it in a bottle and leave it floating in the bathtub for her to find before her bath. Or, you can buy a pre-made 'message in a bottle' from Authentic Messages.

  7. Bake a cake and leave a message in the frosting. Or bake cupcakes and put the words "I Love You" on three different ones. Or when making chocolate chip cookies, spell out the words "I Love You" with the chocolate chips.

  8. On the back of the cereal box. If your partner eats cereal in the morning, but a note of love taped to the back of the box for them to read as they eat.

  9. Put it in his shoes. A love note from you will be a nice surprise to wake up to!

  10. On the steamy shower door. Sometimes the outline of your message will stay in tact for when your sweetie gets in after you!