4th of July Proposals

Are you looking for a unique proposal idea that will set off the fireworks? If you're planning to pop the question on July 4th, check out our collection of creative and romantic 4th of July marriage proposal ideas below.

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  1. Take her to your local fireworks show. During the grand finale, whisper "Will you marry me?" in her ear, then get down on one knee and propose. She'll truly see sparks!
  2. Take her outside with a bottle of wine and a box of sparklers for a little 4th of July fun. Have the ring hidden in the box of sparklers and when she pulls it out, get down on one knee and tell her that she adds a 'spark' to your life that you can't live without and ask her to be your wife.
  3. Watch fireworks from lifeguard stand on a beach one the 4th of July and as the fireworks are going off over the water, pull her close and ask her to marry you.
  4. Create your own fireworks show at home and then propose to her as your 'grand finale' is going off. Tell her that she lights up your life more than these fireworks light up the sky and ask her if she'll do you the honor of becoming your wife.
  5. Dress up in your 4th of July best and take her out for a romantic picnic in the park. After you eat and are lying on the blanket talking, tell her that you love how the two of you not only work well together as a couple, but that you give each other the 'freedom' to be who you are as an individual as well. Then tell her that you want you to be part of your life forever and ask her to marry you.
  6. Have a 4th of July BBQ for two and hide the ring in a slice of watermelon. As you're eating, tell her to watch out for that seed (but the seed will be the ring). When she pulls it out, get down on one knee and propose.
  7. Roast s'mores that night and propose by telling her that you want to stick together through life like the marshmallow to chocolate.
  8. Take her to your local 4th of July parade, but arrange ahead of time for you to be actually in the parade such as in a car or on a float. Bring along a banner that says "Will you marry me, 'her-name'?". When you get to her spot on the street and she sees the banner, walk over to her and get down on one knee.
  9. Go to your local 4th of July pops concert in the park, bring along a picnic lunch and settle in. Arrange with the band/orchestra ahead of time to announce your proposal between songs. Soak in the sun, listen to the music, and enjoy each other's company until they announce your proposal. Once they do, get down on one knee and ask her to marry you.
  10. Contact your local radio station and arrange to propose on air! If your sweetie wakes up to the radio each morning or listens to the radio in the car on the way to work, arrange for your proposal to air during that time along with a song dedicated to your love. If you have the proposal air while she's on the way to work, make sure you're at her office waiting for her to arrive. As she pulls up, be waiting on one knee with roses and ring, then pop the question.
  11. Make your partner breakfast in bed, but put it on a special plate. Buy a plain white plate or bowl ahead of time and decorate it yourself with the words "will you marry me?" on it. Have the ring ready as they finish their breakfast!